I cannot even express how excited I am that Moonbabies have a new album coming out. Oh my God, you guyssss. So excited!

Back when I was pregnant and often overwrought with insane hormones, my husband would put on The Orange Billboard, Moonbabies’ second album, and within moments of the opening notes, I’d find myself happier, calmer, and able to cope. “I love this album,” I’d say to him. And he’d say, “I know.”

When my daughter was three At the Ballroom was released and it became the happy-day album for our whole family.

I can’t wait to see what Wizards On the Beach will bring!

“Moonbabies’ first album in seven years, Swedish husband and wife duo Ola Frick and Carina Johansson Frick will release Wizards on the Beach on April 28, 2015 on their imprint label, Culture Hero. The album explores a sense of Salvador Dali surrealism and vibrant dream pop rich in introspective shades, melodic hues, hazy instrumental washes and technicolor electronic explosions.

The release of Wizards on the Beach reflects a buoyancy upon coming to the light at the end of the tunnel where each note feels like a diamond refracting into a rainbow of colors upon the aural spectrum. A tunnel with many turns and valleys, the album’s underlying themes are subliminally centered around the musicians being caught in a cycle of feeling stuck, wanting to be anywhere but the present situation, and throughout the recording process coming out on the other side to a field of dreamlike possibility envisioned through the completed album. Ola Frick expands on the meaning of the album and the personal battles, “It’s our way of seeing our hellish years where we almost lost the battle of our dreams, but we stood strong and fought like wizards against all odds and managed to get through it with something great and magical. The Beach is the dream-state, the utopia, the narnia, the place where you can take your mask off and just be.”

Read more via Sweden’s Moonbabies Releases First Album in Seven Years on April 28 | Green Light Go Music PR.

One of my favorite songs from The Orange Billboard:


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