Below is a list of things I soothe myself with while getting ready to exit the house in the mornings. The miserable cold is only bearable when I can envision a future without it. So…here we go.

1. No Socks. Ladies and gentlemen, the day I get to just wear sandals again will be an awesome one. Socks are devils tools because:

a) You can never find a matching set even though you only buy the exact same sock design over and over and over. It’s a friggin’ mystery.

I buy the exact same white socks with grey toes and heels every single time, and yet when I go to get a pair of socks, somehow this is what I’m confronted with.

b) They don’t seem to make the right size for me, being either too big or too small. Because half the time I end up wearing my daughters’ socks and the other half my husbands’ (because the ones I buy myself inevitably go missing within 24 hours of purchase) my feet are never comfortable. Too big socks lead to them being cold, too small socks lead to swelling in my ankles.
c) Laundry! They are just another thing to wash! And there are never any clean ones when you really need a pair even though you own literally two hundred pairs of socks.

2. SUMMER DRESSES!!!! This is the thing I can’t wait for. No more constricting, constraining, totally-covering-my-skin-yet-still-failing-to-keep-me-warm and somehow-always-unfashionable winter clothes! Instead I’ll wear my beloved comfortable, (kinda) fashionable, always easy summer dresses. Holy God, I love them so much. Let me show you my absolute favorite. It’s the Nectar dress by Athleta, though they discontinued it (assholes!) and now I have to buy it on Ebay. I own like six in different colors/patterns. Because it is perfection.

You should go to EBay and buy five of these dresses. You really should.

I have literally never met a person who didn’t look good in that dress. Any size, shape, whatever. It’s the best dress to ever exist.

I have other summer dresses, too, and I love them all so much. Even my least loved summer dress is 1000% better than my favorite winter outfit.

That’s it. Really, that’s as far as I get before I’m out the door in the mornings. I admit I spend a long, long, long time on the summer dresses part of the thought process. But, seriously, do we need another reason to want summer to come like whoa? I think not.


2 thoughts on “A List of Things to Look Forward To — Or Please Be Over Winter #wintersux #summercomesoon

  1. What I miss in winter is being able to get dressed, then walk out the door without putting another thing on. No coat, no boots, no mittens, no hat. Heaven! njs

    1. Nancy, I don’t know how you do it! You guys have it tougher than us Southerners and I can barely cope. Sometimes I think moving to Canada (not that you live in Canada!) would be fun, but then I remember that the entire country is north of ours and despair. šŸ˜›

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