I’ve been toying with a serialization idea for awhile and the advent of KU is the only thing that makes it seem possibly a good idea. I have probably another six months before I have to decide for sure, but I think I won’t be going the serialization route and will, instead, drop all four books in the series at once and see what madness that turns out to be. But hmm…. *ponders*

Love's Last Refuge

serial-kitty-with-captionSerials are back, not that they’d ever gone far, but their popularity has certainly ratcheted with the advent of Kindle Unlimited which features low-priced short stories, novellas and novelettes (aka, low word count).

I was on the fence for a long time. Not many can pull off a proper short story—you know the kind, complete with beginning, middle and end. A microcosm of perfection that stays with you a long time because it’s possible to recall each and every nuance, to savor those tasty bits that were shorn of fat and tenderized to succulent perfection (I like to cook, shoot me).

35jhhzBe that as it may, when it comes to serialized fiction, too many of the jump-on-the-bandwagon hipster authors rely on teasers and cliffhangers to suck you into a narrative flow that may or may not make sense, but you keep going because you think the pot of…

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