On May 12, The River Leith‘s term with Kindle Unlimited ends. I’ve decided not to renew the book for another term at this time, so this is your last chance for a while to borrow and read the book (um, if you hurry!) before it’s removed from KU! πŸ˜€ Head on over and cram this relatively short book in to your reading schedule before it’s time is up! πŸ˜€

  • 5 STARS. WOW. Just wow. I totally read this book in 1 sitting. It was just. Ugh. I loved it so hard. I couldn’t have spent a finer Sunday morning with the birds and my coffee. Well worth the 3.99. WELL WORTH IT. ~ Slits Read Reviews
  • The River Leith is a FANTASTIC book. It will immediately grab you, and hold you, and you won’t want the ride to end. ~ The Novel Approach Reviews
  • The River Leith is a delight: devastating, hopeful, sexy, romantic, and true. Leta Blake is fast becoming one of the most exciting new voices in the romance genre. ~ Hayley, I’m With Geek Reviews
  • I loved that this wasn’t a story of miracle cure but a journey of two men realising what is important in building a future. This may not be textbook amnesia treatment, but that wasn’t really important. What was important was the emotional connection I felt to the characters. I enjoyed the story from beginning to end. ~ Queer Town Abbey Reviews
  • Raw, beautiful, lyrical, painful, sensual, hopeful. This author gets inside all of it and then lays it open, exposed, for us. The writing. The dialogue. The characters. The love. They’re all here. I recommend this to everyone. ~ Prism Book Alliance Reviews

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