Almost a year ago, Matty Marcus showed up in my head again looking pretty and saying, “Hey, I have a really fun idea for a novella! Wanna write it for me? It’ll be easy, fast, hilarious and you’ll have no regrets! I promise!”

Matty Marcus? He’s a little bit of a liar, guys.

The book turned out to be pretty intense and it required a lot of work. Not to mention it’s 121,000 words long! Far from a novella! More like a longish novel! But the good news is that I persevered and I’m pleased to report that Matty Marcus got his book! Yep! It’s officially released into the world!

It’s a little big thing called TRAINING COMPLEX and you can buy it now!


Coming soon to iTunes and other outlets.


3 thoughts on “NEW RELEASE: Training Complex by Leta Blake! Buckle Up! Matty’s Back! #mmromance #gay

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