“I was so excited to read more Matty and Rob, and this book did not disappoint. I was up half the night finishing it! It was great getting Rob’s POV (along with Matty’s), and seeing Rob have his own struggles while he tries to always be so strong for Matty, who is such a memorable and unique character. Even when they have problems, I always know things will be okay in the end because they love each other so much. I really hope there will be a third book as they continue their life together!”

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2 thoughts on ““Sequel Lives Up to Great Original!” Review of Training Complex by Leta Blake #gay

  1. I was just wondering since I’ve. Reviewed a few of your books in the past and you have seemed to be happy woth the results I was excited to see your new release I can’t wait to read the continuation on Training Season and I was wondering if you’d do me the honor of letting me review the new book inthe series as well. Of course I’d love tp review any other books you’d send my way.

    1. Hi, Kristy! Can you send me an email with your blog link, etc, and we can discuss it that way! My email is leta dot blake dot author at gmail! 😀 Let’s chat!

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