“A must read for anyone who enjoyed “Training Season”. Leta took us on an emotional journey that was at times heart breaking. In my opinion, doing a wonderful job of dealing with some pretty heavy issues.

Rob and Matty are one of my favorite book couples. These men aren’t perfect. They both make mistakes. My heart broke for them both throughout parts of this book. I love Matty very much but at times I just wanted to knock some sense into him. But their love for each other is undeniable and absolutely breathtaking!

It was wonderful to see Matty getting healthy and both of them getting happy, both individually and as a couple. The battle is always worth it in the end!

Their ending couldn’t of been more perfect! I honestly can’t remember feeling this happy and content after reading a book. It was just PERFECT!

I am a huge fan of Leta Blake. If you haven’t read any of her books, you really should give her a try!”

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