As an author, I love every review of any of my books. I always feel really lucky and touched that someone took the time to read and to send their reaction out into the universe in some way. I even love the “hated it” reviews because at least someone out there took the time to leave feedback, you know?

But sometimes there’s a review that I just can’t even deal with because it just really captures what I felt about the novel myself. So when The Novel Approach Reviews posted this review today, I might have legit cried a little, and then printed out the review to roll around and cry in.

Thank you for this beautiful review, Lisa. It made my entire week! ❤

ETA: Me. Rolling and crying.


The Novel Approach

Amazon USAmazon USTitle: Training Complex (Training Season: Book Two)

Author: Leta Blake

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 345 Pages

At a Glance: Training Complex is a beautiful continuation to a story and characters I love.

Reviewed By: Lisa

Blurb: Buckle up – Matty’s back!

Figure skater Matty Marcus didn’t capture Olympic gold, but he won rancher Rob Lovely’s heart.

After Rob sold his ranch and Matty hung up his skates, they started a new life together in New York City. Now Matty has taken on a fresh challenge as a figure skating coach, and Rob’s second career as a physical therapist should be everything he’s dreamed of. But in the brutal heat of their third summer in the city, Rob yearns for the wide-open country, and the intensity of city life awakens Matty’s demons.

Matty asks for increasingly intense BDSM scenes, and his disordered…

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