I’m over at Writer Unboxed today talking about the importance of LGBTQ representation in books.



Why is diversity important to Leta? In her words:

In the wake of the United States’ Supreme Court’s decision on Marriage Equality, it’s obvious that true change is on its way for LGBTQ rights. However, it would be premature to think that enough change has been accomplished and it’s a smooth road from here. We still have a long way to go before true emotional equality is achieved. Recently a child came out to his 6th grade teacher and she related to me that despite the child having accepting parents and peers, there were still layers of rejection: “It’s fine. Just don’t talk to me about the dudes you like.” “It’s okay, but don’t tell your grandma.” Breaking down these more subtle barriers and giving kids a future to look forward to are key goals if we truly want to impact the quality of the future lives of LGBTQ kids and adults.

Learn more about Leta and her works on her website, and by following her on Facebook and Twitter.

Diverse Voices Series: Showcasing Diversity Within the LGBTQ Community

Read the post at Diverse Voices Series: Showcasing Diversity Within the LGBTQ Community.

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