Really enjoying Rival Poet by this author. Look forward to this book!

Snapping for sanity

Around me, the remnants of ancient pillars are scattered in the brittle grass, mute evidence of a long-lost culture. Here on the mountain, people now dead and forgotten have sung and danced and made love like there was no tomorrow – which, for them, there wasn’t. The volcano put a stop to that.

I wander up the path, almost forgetting my errand as I take in the petrified remains of those olden days. Happy at last, I take out my phone and switch it on to take a few photos. I walk into a square construction identified on a sign as the temple of Dionysos, and I stop there, turning around and running my gaze over the ruined walls that surround me. The stones whisper silently and I smile in reply. There’s no one here. No one at all, on this day of power cuts and broken routines. Just me…

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