Aw, a lovely 10/10 review of Vespertine by Marc over at Rainbow Gold Reviews! Thank you!

Rainbow Gold Reviews

Marc reviews Vespertine by Leta Blake and Indra Vaughn. The book was published on September 7th, 2015 and is about 400 pages long.

RGR received a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


This week, reviewers at Rainbow Gold Reviews were asked to pick books for eachother they thought the other reviewer might enjoy. I picked ‘Three’ by R.J. Scott for Eloreen, because I knew she would appreciate a short book, loves M/M/M books and R.J. Scott is one of my favorite authors. Dana picked Vespertine for me, because she had read and loved it and thought I would enjoy it. The first thing I noticed was the length. 400 pages. Yikes. I’m not the fastest reader and we only had a single week to read. However, I’m glad Dana chose this book, because I really loved it. Given that I couldn’t put it down, the length wasn’t…

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