What do I have planned for the upcoming twelve months? Let’s start with the next thing on my plate!

  1. In September, I’ll be releasing Pictures of You, Book One of my four part ’90s Coming of Age series. My current plan is to release it into KU and only put it out at the other retailers once all the parts are out. I have a cover for it already (and for every book in the series!) but I’m not going to share until closer to release dates. A girl has to have some mystery!

    The Sunsphere. Icon of Knoxville, the setting of the '90s Coming of Age series.
    The Sunsphere. Icon of Knoxville, the setting of the ’90s Coming of Age series.


2.  TRANSLATION NEWS! For those of you who would like to read my books in German, French, or Italian, more translations will be coming out soon! In September, <strong><em>Vespertine</em></strong> will be released in French and the first three books of the <strong><em>Wake Up Married</em></strong> serial will be released in German, and December sees the release of <strong><em>The River Leith</em></strong> in Italian! Currently available translations are:

French: Saison d’entraînement, Le Retour de Leith, and À l’ombre de Smoky Mountain.

Italian: Training Season: La stagione dell’allenamento

Spanish: Sueños en las Montañas Humeantes

3. Wake Up Married universe news. Healing, South Dakota will definitely see more releases. I have ideas for three books in this universe within the next year or so. I won’t say much more except to say that, yes, we’ll see one new book with Will & Patrick as the leads (though probably not the first to be released!) and two books with side characters from the first serial getting their own stories. For those of you worried about Hartley, hold tight. For those of you curious about Varun, it’s coming. For those of you who want to see Uncle Kevin get his happy ending, that might happen, too.


Thank you to all the readers out there! You are my joy and inspiration!


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