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“It was good. It was fun. It was sexy as all get out and it was utterly romantic and… sigh. Maybe I’m the one undone after reading it?” ~ Ginger, On My Shelves Reviews
“Angel Undone is romance with a soupçon of angst, sweet with just the right amount of spice, and poignant with exactly the right amount of cheek to keep it from becoming overdramatic.” ~ Lisa, The Novel Approach

“I am a huge Leta Blake fan and if you are too, and especially if you enjoy angel stories, this may be a good one to check out.” ~ Jay, Joyfully Jay Reviews



The Archangel Michael is tired. He fought wars and shoved his brother Lucifer out of heaven all before the Dark Ages rolled around. His role as protector of Israel now encompasses all of humanity, and while he performs his job perfectly, there’s little personal joy in it.

Until one night in a bar when he meets Asher.

Michael isn’t sure what it is about the vulnerable, self-deprecating Asher that calls to him, but something about his restrained depths, gentle smiles, and encyclopedic knowledge of flowers tugs at Michael in a way that can’t be denied. Too bad romance isn’t part of his mission.

Facing an eternity of perfect submission to God’s authority, rebellion stirs in Michael. Questions of free will, angelic vocation, and the role of love and lust demand answers that just might cost Michael his place in heaven.

Warnings: this novella contains urban fantasy, wings, angels doing unangelic things, erotic content, and playful blasphemy.

Word Count: 25,000

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