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Slow HeatSlow Heat by Leta Blake

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book. Really LOVED it. It was great and something special. The author once again proves her extraordinary versatility. It was my first book about male pregnancies. And this topic is not a marginal issue in this book, no quite the opposite, it is the pivot. And it’s lit from all sides. Thoroughly and in great detail. The title of this book could also be: A child at all costs.

I would not have thought that I liked the idea so much.
And I must admit, if this book wasn’t from Leta Blake, I probably wouldn’t have read it. Most likely. But I would have missed something great. Honestly.
Because that’s me here: “Betas lived childless forever und had happy, even enviously wonderful lives.”
Because pregnancies and children are scary for me (that…

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