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Public Offerings

1) Announcing Random Shorts

2) What to expect in the next 60 Days (posted July 1)

$1+ Offerings

1) Chapters 1 – 7 of of Will & Patrick’s Endless Honeymoon:

2) 52 Weeks of Song posts featuring songs that inspired Smoky Mountain Dreams:

3) Announcement about Will & Patrick Wake Up Married audiobook (it’s back on again!):

4) Yay Beach! A FewPhotos from Our Beach Trip

5) 52 Weeks of Song posts featuring songs that inspired Training Complex:

$5+ Offerings

Everything above PLUS:

1) Training for Fireworks (a 4th of July story, Matty/Rob, Training Season):

Part 1:

Part 2:

2) Tracking what I’ve accomplished since sending Slow Heat to the editor in March:

3) Vacation post plus a ton of pics in the comments:

4) Sample Scene from the Christmas Book I’m drafting:

5) A few other short announcement posts about the timing of things and what to expect from Training for Fireworks.

$10+ Offerings

Everything above PLUS:

1) Why I Write Flawed Characters: a post about what drives me to write characters like Matty and Nicky and Zach, etc.

2) Discussion of Training for Fireworks and how I’d have done it differently if preparing the story for publication outside of Patreon:

3) But That’s Not How It Works… a post about how my characters’ choices don’t feel like authorial choices to me, amongst other ramblings:

4) Extra Beach Pic:

5) Feeling Thrown: in which I talk about some upsetting news about a friend and how that changes my plans for the year:

6) Update on Feeling Thrown

And that basically recaps July! I’ve got more coming fore all in August! We’d love to have you join us! Come aboard! 😀