5 Shiny Holiday Stars to If Only In My Dreams by Keira Andrews! Yay Gay Christmas Romance! #amreading

If Only in My DreamsIf Only in My Dreams by Keira Andrews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Truly one of my favorite holiday reads ever, I think. So friggin’ cute with a nice dollop of angst. New adult holiday romance with mixed faiths and all the best tropes: hate-to-love, road trip, “snowed in”, and reunited exes (kinda). Cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone looking for the perfect holiday gay romance! ❤

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Christmas Songs – Dec 20, 2014 – Holly Jolly Concert #sufjan #cheers #music

I’m pretty sure that being drunk at a Sufjan Steven’s Christmas concert would be pretty freaking awesome and go a long way toward giving almost anyone some Christmas cheer. It’s just that ridiculous. And it’s probably best to be buzzed while listening/watching, too. I dunno. I just like it.

Santa Wishes from Characters – Matty & Rob – Training Season #gay #sequel

A few days ago I saw this on All About the Writing:

It’s that glorious time of year when everyone whispers sweet nothings in Santa’s ear, hoping for a little extra something in their Christmas stocking. Fictional characters are no different.

So this is what I posed to my writer friends:

One of your characters is sitting on Santa’s lap, and whispers something in Santa’s ear. Who is it, and what did they say to ole Saint Nick?

(- See more at: http://www.allaboutthewriting.com/donna_j_cummings/2014/12/santa-baby.html#sthash.yzR7PW7c.dpuf)

Matty jumped up and down in my mind saying, “Oh, me! Me! I want to tell everyone what I want for Christmas.” And then all the other characters that that would be fun, too. So, here’s Day One of Santa Wishes! We’ll do Matty first since he’s impatient to tell all. Imagine him sitting in Santa’s lap–glitter, feathers, a tiara?–whatever he’s wearing it’s definitely shiny.

Matty: Dear Santa, I have been very, very, very naughty. I’ve blown our budget, lost my best skater, failed to eat lunch kind of a lot, fought with my employer and been a dick to Rob because I’m in a panic-spiral. I think that a punishment is definitely in order. Truly. I really deserve it. *taps glitter-polished fingernail against front teeth* Let’s see, I like horse whips and restraints and spankings and anything kind of rough. Oooh, being gagged is good. And a blindfold is never wrong. Of course, we already have all of those items. So, be creative, Santa. I love a good surprise! Just send me something deliciously naughty and kind of painful and I’ll be happy. Or, um, punished. Probably both. Psst, also, if you’d turn back time and make me win the gold at the Olympics, either time really, that’d be excellent and I’d swear to be a better boy next year. Maybe. But in the meantime, bring me something kinky! And really fucking difficult! *dreamily* Yes, that would help keep me in line.

Author’s note: Stay tuned this spring and you can find out what Santa brings because Matty’s kinda serious. 😛

Matty’s idea of a good present. Himself.

Rob: Dear Santa, I’ve been good this year. Again. And Matty’s been better than he thinks he has. For example, he’s been very good for me in bed. The budget thing…yeah. That’s a problem. The rest? Problems, too. But we’ll work it out. We always do. I guess if you really want to bring me anything, a winning lottery ticket so I can keep Matty in the style he aspires to would be great. *chuckles* But I guess that’s pretty damn unlikely, so just making Matty happier-than-not would do it for me. So bring him whatever he asked for and I’ll consider us square.

I think Matty would die of Christmas joy if Rob wanted to use a length of sleigh bells on him in some aggressive, sexy, strappy manner.

Training Season is available now at:


And now at KOBO.

Look out for Training Season’s sequel coming Spring 2015.

Christmas Music – Dec 19, 2014 – Happy Holidays #lovespirals #music

I was listening to this album (Ornamentals) for the first time the other day and kept thinking this was a Madonna song from the 1990s or something. I was kinda tripped out to see it was by Lovespirals and not Madonna at all. My brain has a hard time accepting that. Listen and tell me if you hear 90s Madonna, too. Or am I insane? Wait…don’t answer that! 😉


Christmas Music – Dec 18, 2014 – City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks #vandaveer #music

When I was a kid, Silver Bells was my favorite song on my parents’ single Christmas LP. It was a mix of artists and long gone, so I no longer know who sang that version. I’ve never been able to locate it. Most versions of Silver Bells actually bother me because they aren’t the right one. But this version by Vandaveer is the closest to the old one I’ve ever found and it makes me happy.

Christmas Music – December 15, 2014 – Such Was My Need On A Chronic Christmas Eve #sineadoconor #music

One of those songs that’s probably only a Christmas song to me. I have a few like that. Like Cohen’s “Famous Blue Raincoat” and EBTG’s “Come On Home”.

Oh I wanna make something

So lovely for you

‘Cus I promised that’s what I’d do for you

With the bible I stole

I know you forgave my soul

Because such was my need on a chronic Christmas Eve

And I think we’re agreed that it should have been free

And you sang to me

They dress the wounds of my poor people

As though they’re nothing

Saying “peace, peace”

When there’s no peace

ETA: Apparently, I am not the only one who sees this as a Christmas song. “Christmas can serve as a hollow, ironic and painful reminder for many that beyond the season, the give and take of our society has often not served them with the justice of enough.

In this vein I love the song ‘Something Beautiful’ by Sinead O’Connor picking up the themes of Jeremiah at Christmas. Talk about one cantankerous prophet quoting another!”