stalking-dreams-web-copyStalking Dreams. a 9,986 word story, rated Sexy.

Written for the 2013 Love Has No Boundaries Event at M/M Romance Group.  Cover by Dar Albert. Stalked for several years, River has finally managed to move on with his life and into a relationship with Shane. But when a surprise announcement from his family shakes up his hard won security, how will River cope? There will be two full length novels set in this universe. Hopefully they will both be released in 2014. In the meantime, enjoy this free read! A free download for ereaders is available HERE, or you can read it online HERE.

Always Naked Men

A 2,648 word story, rated Sexy.

Written originally for Cryselle’s Bookshelf Thousand Word Thursday Challenge, based on this picture, but it ran too long. Not to mention, there might be more where this one came from.

It’s 1973 and Martin has followed his best friend, Elliot, back to their home in Mississippi. Elliot’s paintings of naked men arouse and worry Martin. But maybe summer in Mississippi will bring Martin more than Wednesday night church service and sexual frustration.

Jumping In With Both Feet

A 1,000 word story at Cryselle’s Bookshelf, rated Romantic.

Hanson’s always been afraid of the water but he trusts his boyfriend, Marshall, to keep him safe. Will he trust him with his future, too? A romantic story that packs a lot into a few words. Originally written for a Thousand Word Thursday challenge at Cryselle’s site.

Keep This Moment 

A 3,580 word story, rated Erotic.

Richard loves snow and he’s delighted at the first snowfall of the year. But will his joy be shaken when his best friend shows up,  rekindling memories that are best forgotten?

Tommy and Eric

A 4,513 word story, rated Erotic.

Tommy is a senior and his best friend’s older brother has made a pass at him. Will he take him up on the offer? Or will he turn his back on the opportunity. Hint: He’s eighteen and his best friend’s brother is hot.













4 thoughts on “Free Reads

    1. Thank you, Beth! I need to update these. Alas, I have no idea when I’ll have time. I should probably just delete the promise of more episodes for now and just mark them as unfinished or something. But I do want to finish them! I do so wish I had more time. 🙂 Days should be twice as long and our need for sleep halved. 😉

    2. Also, ha! I repeated names here? I hadn’t realized that there are two Mattys. I think I should change this one to something else, probably. Heh. I think Training Season Matty is probably my definitive Matty. And now that TS is out, that name might cause confusion. I should fix that. And then Elliot is used in Always Naked Men. Heh. I need to have a spreadsheet for names to keep from repeating so many!

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