4 – Twenty Five Things Tuesday: Will Write For Food


Before I die, I want to earn my living writing books. Here’s the interesting thing, when it comes to this part of what I want to do before I die, I’m not sure that I care too terribly what kind of books they are. I don’t care if they are smut or deeply good, important books. I just want to make my living by writing them. Before I die. So, sometime in the next sixty years if I am lucky.

3 – Twenty Five Things Tuesday: Where the Orchids Grow


Sometime before I die, I want to attend a Tori Amos concert with my daughter. It’s been a dream of mine since before I ever had her, and when it became clear that she loves Tori Amos, too, my dream only intensified. One day, we will sit in the audience together. Maybe we’ll hold hands. Maybe she’ll ignore that her mommy cries half of the show. Or maybe she’ll cry too.

1 – Twenty-Five Things Tuesday: Become A Woman


Before I die, I’d like to see my daughter grow up to be as authentic a person as she can possibly become. I want to see her grow into her body and her spirit, which as always been so large. I want to be present as she her grows into her warm, sensitive, beautiful heart. I want to see her adult smile, her womanly strength, her rounded edges, her beauty in whatever form it takes. I want to learn from her as she learns from the world. I want to be the student to her teacher as she matures into someone I had no idea would even exist when she started out in my womb. I want to witness the end result of her genes, her upbringing, and her own special nature. If there is one thing in this world that I want to the exclusion of all others, this would be it.

Before I die, I want to see my daughter become a woman.