Reading: Acceleration by Amelia Gormley

Acceleration (Impulse, #2)Acceleration by Amelia C. Gormley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well, I inhaled that book right down. Excellent! It gave me everything I wanted to see after the first novel in this series (and more). It resolved all of my issues with Derrick, gave me more insight into Gavin, and continued with the hot, character-driven, psychological sex scenes. There is pretty much nothing that would’ve made this book better–except possibly seeing some of Gavin’s POV, but I think Amelia did such a fantastic job really *showing* us Gavin this time that it wasn’t necessary.

I suppose if I didn’t know that there was a third book coming out soon, I might be frustrated about the lack of resolution with regards to their social circle, and the hockey team especially, but I’m content to see what Amelia brings to the table next time around.

If there was even a single ‘negative’ thing that comes to mind, I’d say that I truly feel like Inertia and Acceleration would’ve been more satisfying if read as one book. Inertia felt incomplete and Acceleration can’t stand without Inertia, imo, and so I almost feel like one larger book would’ve been a more satisfying read. Now that both books are out there, though, no one has to wait after finishing Inertia, they can just buy Acceleration lickety-split and have most of those loose ends tied up. Thus this is such a nit-pick that I can’t even count it as a negative at all, and neither should other readers. 😛

Amelia has a wonderful way with language, description, and bringing characters to life. I highly recommend this series to all romance readers.

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I might make a more detailed post later, but this was my initial, off-the-cuff reaction that I posted to Goodreads, and my first time copying & pasting the Goodreads “post to your blog” code. I wanted to see how that functioned.

PayPal and Censorship… AGAIN

PayPal and Censorship… AGAIN.

Apparently, PayPal is deeming erotic book covers that don’t even show any actual parts, if you know what I mean,  as indecent and terminating the  or suspending the accounts of the sellers. This has impacted at least one book cover artist that we know of, and probably more. Check out the link to see what’s going on.