Fanwork Friday: Pause for Zokka Flailing

So, last night I had a migraine, but that’s not the important part of this post. I put the kiddo to bed, but I could hear her reading in her room. I wanted to wait to go to sleep until she was out, too, so I decided to while away the time by going down the rabbit hole of the internet. I honestly have no idea how I even clicked my way to this story, but I ended up opening an Avatar: The Last Airbender slash story with very little intent to actually read it.

But then, holy crap, I fell.

The rabbit hole sucked me down.

I found that I was wrong this whole time about my Avatar OTPs. I thought they were Aang/Katara, Sokka/Suki, and Zuko/Mai. But guess what? This was incorrect. I am still all for Aang/Katara, but my new shiny OTP is Sokka/Zuko! Oh, man, it is delish. Who knew? Whoooo knewwww???


 photo byrabby_zpsdb1ac009.jpg
By Rabby at DeviantArt


 photo zuko1_zps80b7405d.gif photo zuko2_zps8467aa30.gif
Sokka: So we came all this way for nothing. I failed. Again.
Zuko: Err, what would Uncle say‌? Sometimes clouds have two sides, a dark and light. And a silver lining in between. It’s like a silver sandwich! So…when life seems hard…take a bite out of the silver sandwich!
Sokka: Maybe we haven’t failed after all!
Zuko: That’s the spirit! I can’t believe that worked. I didn’t even know what I was saying!
Sokka: No, what you said made no sense at all.

 photo zukkaturnedtomoon_zps97477084.gif photo zukoroughbuddy_zps525c4680.gif
Sokka: My first girlfriend turned into the moon.
Zuko: That’s rough buddy.


Oh, and the story, which is kind of crack-fiction and chock-full of epithets and kind of over the top with unrealistic sex, but who cares, is Volatile by squirrellysemantics. Just so you know.

Fanwork Friday: Avatar: The Last Airbender Crafts

So, you might have noticed a trend with the Fanwork Fridays. I promise it won’t always be this way, but, yes, there has been a lot of Teen Wolf, and now you will see a second mention of Avatar: The Last Airbender. That’s because my daughter is way into Avatar and, um, maybe I am way into Teen Wolf, okay? There is no shame in fangirling!

While looking around Etsy for some fangirly stuff for my kiddo for Christmas, I found out that people make all kinds of awesome Avatar things. Check it out!

Appa Hats!



Aang and Zuko on some shoes!


Water Nation, Fire Nation, Earth Nation, and Air Nation Christmas bulbs! 


And, um, I kinda want this awesome t-shirt.


This is not Avatar: The Last Airbender related, obviously, but, guys, I think there are some Doctor Who fans who might love this.


Etsy and fans! They are like peanut butter and jelly! Or peanut butter and chocolate! Or chocolate and marshmallow! Or, if you hate chocolate, then like strawberries and cream! Hope you enjoyed this installment of Fanwork Friday. Please click through on the pics to purchase from the creators or to check out the other work in their shops.

Fanwork Friday: Signature Blends

So, you’re a big nutty fan of tea? And a big nutty fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender? Well, just your luck. At you can get a signature tea blend made just for your air…water…fire…earth…I-believe-that-Aaag-can-save-the-world tastes.


With the calming sweet florals of chamomile and lavender paired with the tart fruit flavours of bergamot and cherry. This blend is fun and free spirited with a kick for the avatar inside. a soothing tea good for inward reflection

And, hey, if you ‘ship Aang with Katara? You’re in extra luck, because you can “let their love steep in your cupboard and get 20% off when you purchase both 3oz pouches”.


Or maybe Zuko is your guy? What with all of his honor and his teen-flavored man-pain. (Lord knows he’s my favorite.) Well, you can totally drink your fill of his lost-and-found honor, my friends.


THIS TEA TASTES OF CONFUSION AND ANGST. But deliciously so with the flavours of one of my favourite desserts, it will be sure to help you look within yourself to save yourself from your other self and help your true self reveal itself so you can deal with those peksy internal demons and reclaim your honor. Or at least forget about things for a moment while you drink this yummy tea reminiscent of chocolate passionfruit cake and vanilla ice cream.

They also have blends for Sokka, Azula, Iroh, and Toph. The reviews for the blends are interesting, too. They seem to be pretty good teas. I’ve never tried any. If I did, I’d probably go for one of the Teen Wolf blends.

Such as:


Don’t let his scowly face put you off, there is some sweet under that surly exterior! Far from sour, this blend is fresh and apply. The aroma is rich like apple pie and cinnamon with a swirl of warm vanilla. With a clean fresh finish it’s a perfect fall tea!

Or maybe:

Or possibly:

It’s your type, honest! Let it try to convince you. 😉 Earl Grey Bravo is a delicious Adagio favorite, the honeybush vanilla cuts the strong Earl Grey with a rich touch of sweetness. The blood orange highlights the citrus flavor of the Earl Grey very nicely.

And, guys, there are so many fandom blends available! There’s Lord of the Rings blends, True Blood blends, Mortal Instruments blends, Vampire Diaries blends, Buffy blends, Sailor Moon, Sherlock, My Little Pony! I mean, guys, they’ve got tea for it all! Go check it out!


What’s amazing to me, aside from the clear dedication these fans to have both tea and their show, is the fan art. Especially the Teen Wolf fan art. The person making this tea blend not only went to the trouble to taste test each blend to make sure it was good, but also designed beautiful fan art for the blends. I’m really impressed.