Now Available! Levity by Leta Blake & Keira Andrews (Re-Release!) #fairytale #gay

Once upon a time, in what now feels like a kingdom far, far away, Leta Blake had never published a book. Her pal, Keira Andrews, said, “Let’s do a series of re-imagined fairy tales together and sell them to a publisher!” And Leta said, “Oh, wow! That sounds super fun!”

Thus, Leta eagerly set about scribbling her very first book. (Well, her very first book that didn’t turn into a four book series that still isn’t done yet.) She found inspiration for her leading man in George MacDonald’s fairytale The Light Princess. The idea of a beautiful prince lacking in physical and emotional gravity seemed too fun an opportunity to pass up.

Leta named her little book Levity and even managed to keep it under the word count the publisher required for a novella. Keira added her bits, and they were both quite pleased with the outcome. The publisher seemed to like it, too. Except they didn’t like the title. They said Levity wasn’t sexy enough, readers wouldn’t like it, no one would buy it, etc. So with tears in her eyes, Leta agreed to call the tale Earthly Desires.

Then came the publisher’s cover. It was dark and brooding, with headless, muscled torsos, and an ominous vibe. The publisher said, “Too bad, so sad!” when Leta and Keira argued, “This cover is really inappropriate for the book. It sets completely wrong expectations about what will be inside.” It can’t be stressed enough that Leta cried real tears over that cover. Hot, angry, sad tears.

(Leta’s first experience with dealing with a publishing house wasn’t very awesome. *ahem* This might have something to do with why she self-publishes now.)

Cue the passing of three years and the publisher finally gave Leta and Keira their rights back to this little story! (And the other stories in this series, too! The second tale, Rise, based on Jack & the Beanstalk, has been out since last spring. The third tale, Flight, based on The Twelve Dancing Princesses, will be re-released in October!) And it is with great joy that we announce the new (old) title and brilliant new cover for this sexy, silly, whimsical fairy tale!

May it live happily ever after!


Now Available

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Cursed as an infant with a lack of physical and emotional gravity, Prince Efrosin can't keep his feet on the ground or his head out of the clouds. Laughing his way through life, he's never been weighed down by love and lust. Then one fateful day, his tenuous tie to the earth is severed and he blows away on the wind. He's rescued by Dmitri, a handsome young woodsman who suffers from a mysterious curse of his own, and the two strangers are irresistibly drawn together. Experiencing sex and love for the first time, they dive into a delightfully sensual and passionate affair. But the evil witch who cursed them is planning her ultimate revenge. Efrosin and Dmitri must fight to find their fairy tale ending and live happily ever after. Previously released in 2012 as Earthly Desires.
Cursed as an infant with a lack of physical and emotional gravity, Prince Efrosin can’t keep his feet on the ground or his head out of the clouds. Laughing his way through life, he’s never been weighed down by love and lust.
Then one fateful day, his tenuous tie to the earth is severed and he blows away on the wind. He’s rescued by Dmitri, a handsome young woodsman who suffers from a mysterious curse of his own, and the two strangers are irresistibly drawn together. Experiencing sex and love for the first time, they dive into a delightfully sensual and passionate affair.
But the evil witch who cursed them is planning her ultimate revenge. Efrosin and Dmitri must fight to find their fairy tale ending and live happily ever after.
Previously released in 2012 as Earthly Desires.

Available Now

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The Light Princess #thelightprincess #toriamos #theater

What things does Leta love?
Tori Amos? CHECK
The Light Princess? CHECK. (In fact, I love it so much that Keira and I based our first m/m fairy tale, Earthly Desires, on the story. One prince floats, the other is bound to the earth.)
Musicals? CHECK
Angsty Love? CHECK

My beloved people, clearly I am meant to travel to London to see this at the National Theater! Clearly. Now, someone just convince my bank account of that!

Once, in opposing kingdoms lived a princess and a prince who had lost their mothers. Althea, unable to cry, became light with grief and floated, and so was locked away. Digby became so heavy-hearted that he could never smile, and so was trained as a warrior.

One day, he declares war. Althea is forced out of hiding and down to ground but, in defiance of her father, she escapes, only to encounter the solemn prince on contested land. Beside a lake the warring heirs begin a passionate and illicit affair. But for Althea to find real love, she must first confront the world’s darkness and face her own deepest fears.

I am truly, ridiculously excited by this! I cannot wait to see it! It’s starring the gorgeous Rosalie Craig! And Clive Rowe! I hear good things about them!

Just found a video of Rosalie singing old skool Tori. Interesting. It gets pretty dang good midway through. Hmmm.

Celebrate NYE with a Selection of Free Books Giveaway at Sunlight Sucks


Heat up your New Year’s Eve with a big giveaway of hot books by hot authors at Sunlight Sucks!

Keira’s and my book, Earthly Desires, is up for grabs along with many others! Go comment and get your name in the drawing to win!

Happy New Year! May 2013 bring us all good things!

Buy Earthly Desires On Super Sale!


Earthly Desires is on sale at All Romance eBooks! Only $2.80 after rebate! It’s a great time to pick up the first book in our Tempting Tales series because Book Two–Ascending Hearts–will be out January 2nd! Can’t really beat that price, either!


Cursed as an infant with a lack of physical and emotional gravity, Prince Efrosin can’t keep his feet on the ground or his head out of the clouds. Laughing his way through life, he’s never been weighed down by love and lust.

Then one fateful day, his tenuous tie to the earth is severed and he blows away on the wind. He’s rescued by Dmitri, a handsome young woodsman who suffers from a mysterious curse of his own, and the two strangers are irresistibly drawn together. Experiencing sex and love for the first time, they dive into a delightfully sensual and passionate affair.

But the evil witch who cursed them is planning her ultimate revenge. Efrosin and Dmitri must fight to find their fairy tale ending and live happily ever after.


Inspired by The Light Princess by George MacDonald.

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop – Leta Blake, Dancing Shoes


Amelia C. Gormley, the author of the wonderful Impulse Trilogy, tagged me to participate in The Next Big Thing Blog Hop, which was incredibly kind of her! Thanks, Amelia!

What is the working title of your book?

The original working title was Spanish Dancing Shoes, but over time it’s been shortened to just Dancing Shoes.

Where did the idea come from for the book?

Keira and I have been working on our fairy tales series for the last year. After completing Earthly Desires, and while Keira was hammering out the details of Ascending Hearts, our upcoming tale based on Jack & the Beanstalk, I started reading the story City of Blind Delights by Catherynne M. Valente. Something about it sparked a whole fairy tale world in my head–nothing like the world of her story, but a world all the same. That all came together while reading The Twelve Dancing Princesses to my daughter at bedtime, and inspired by both, the flow of the book came easily at first.

What genre does your book fall under?

Fairy tale romance/erotica.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie?

I don’t have any particular actors in mind, but I did create this Pinterest inspiration board to help guide my focus while writing the story.

This is Matteo.

And this is Ópalo. Well, except that his hair is actually pink feathers.

What is a one sentence synopsis of your book?

In an effort to discover where his sisters disappear to at night, Matteo follows them to a new world and finds a new life he never expected.

Will your book be self published, published by a small press, or represented by an agency?

Assuming that all goes according to plan, the book will be published by Ellora’s Cave as part of Keira’s and my Tempting Tales series.

How long did it or how long do you anticipate that it will take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

Too dang long! Haha! But there were several reasons for that. First, I stopped in the middle of the book to work on a long-running work in progress and that got us off track for a little while. Then we thought we’d really like to have a Christmas tale out this year, so we made a stab at that for a month or so, but in the end it was just not viable and we basically scrapped it. Third, the book was fighting us because it wanted to be longer than the novella length first two books in the series. Once we gave in to how long the book wanted to me, the characters really opened up and started sharing more with us. So, all in all, a first draft took about six months.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

You know, I’m not sure I’ve read another book quite like this one. We are trying to keep each book in our series unique. I suppose that in terms of the kind of fairy tale world, the romance, and the sexual nature of the book, the closest really would be the other two in our series, Earthly Desires (inspired by The Light Princess) and Ascending Hearts.

Who or What inspired you to write this book?


I believe I covered that above to a large degree, but I wanted to give a quick nod to Jim Henson’s The Storyteller series for giving me the kick in the behind I needed to start writing and working on this series with Keira. I’ve had several ideas for fairy tale reworkings for years, but last winter I indulged in a rewatch of The Storyteller as a kind of Christmas-comfort-winter-warmth and it lit me up inside with all kinds of ideas. I’m sure Jim Henson never intended someone to get inspired by his show and write a lot of gay romance and erotica, but that’s what happened. We owe it all to Jim Henson. Haha!

What else about your book might interest the reader?

I think it is imaginative and surprising. If you’ve read other reworkings of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, I can guarantee you that this one is different in substance and style. It’s a sweet, spring book, and I’m hoping we can have it out in April or May, because it just seems like the kind of thing people should read when flowers are blooming.

This is where I was supposed to link to four more blogs. But I’m only posting a link to one (wonderful! awesome!) blog. Apparently, otherwise, the buck stops here, because everyone I asked except Nisha-Anne–and I asked a ton of people–have already done this and so, just like in P.E. class when I was a kid, I was the last chosen for the game. *sniff sniff* Haha! No worries. I suppose that it had to eventually peter out. I’m just disappointed that I couldn’t round up even more participants. Oh well! Thanks, Amelia, for this opportunity! It’s better to have been chosen last than never to be chosen at all?

Check out Nisha-Anne D’Souza on January 2nd! She’s the author of the book Calling Pomegranate and a brilliant woman. I’m sure that her work in progress is going to be worth waiting for!

Reading: Inertia by Amelia Gormley

Before I get into the review of the book I just finished reading, I’d like to say that we’re thrilled to report that Top2Bottom Reviews gives Earthly Desires 4.5 out of 5!

“Earthly Desires is a sexy story between two unique and interesting heroes. I loved the way the story was told and enjoyed the fairytale-ish theme of the book itself. It’s full of adventure, romance and it highly entertained this reader throughout the entire book.” 


Inertia by Amelia C. Gormley is the story of Derrick, a man in his early thirties, who has cut himself off from risk, adventure, and relationships after an unfortunate series of circumstances that led him to losing everyone he loved by the time he was twenty-one. Unwilling to experience the crushing pain of loss again, he’s drifted through a pleasant if boring decade of the same old, same old. Until he meets Gavin and suddenly the possibility for something more appears on his radar. Will he be brave enough to accept the inherent risk that goes along with daring to feel something new?

I worry that what I will say next will somehow come across as a backhanded compliment, when it is definitely not intended as such. It’s just a straight up compliment. So, please keep that in mind. Amelia writes Derrick with an attention to detail that in another person’s hands could become tedious. Instead, however, this detail shows us a fully fleshed out picture of a man who takes his time in everything, who tries to mitigate even the smallest loss, or unexpected outcome, by concentrating entirely on the steps of each part of his day and job. Every time I’d start to think something like, “Did we really need to know about how Derrick took his time sanding that bit of shelving?” I’d realize that, yes, we did need to know that–because Derrick’s inability to deal with unexpected outcomes, and his extreme caution in the face of everything is the crux and crisis of this book.

Derrick is a kind man, and given how slow and thorough he is, I never found myself annoyed with him for that trait. I did find his reaction to one of Gavin’s revelations sufficiently appalling (and thus incredibly realistic and human) that I had a hard time forgiving him for a little while, and frankly had a harder time forgiving him than Gavin did. In addition to Derrick’s initial reaction to Gavin’s story, I also had a hard time with the fact that Derrick, knowing what he ends up knowing about Gavin, keeps the specifics of his own issues to himself and doesn’t share them with Gavin. He uses a somewhat believable excuse that he doesn’t want to make Gavin’s problems all about him. But the way Gavin’s problems intersect with his own are the crisis of the book and the relationship, and I felt that remained unresolved because Derrick never actually shared the most damaged part of himself with Gavin.

That bothered me because Gavin laid it bare, made himself vulnerable in a really intense way, Derrick reacted horribly to it, and then, in my opinion, didn’t make up for it by providing Gavin with an equal vulnerability. That left a bit of sour taste in my mouth, because it gave Derrick a power position over Gavin, whether he intends to use it or not.

But here’s the thing–I was glad for these problems with the character. This is a very psychological book. There’s not a lot of external adventure. It’s not got a lot of vibrant world building, or evil villains, or anything outside of two people’s very realistic hang-ups about sex, love, and life as the problem that needs to be resolved to reach a HFN or HEA ending. Had Derrick handled things beautifully, there would have been no book, because it would’ve been boring as hell, and completely unrealistic. So, while I did find myself annoyed with Derrick at times, I was also incredibly happy to feel that way, because it meant I was emotionally invested and I cared about both men.

The book ends in a place without any cliff-hangers, but it’s a good thing there is another book (two, actually) coming, because I felt like if this was all that had been offered, I would have been somewhat annoyed. In fact, looking at the reviews of Amelia’s book, I’ve wondered if she would not have been possibly better off combining books one and two, because I think she would’ve gotten higher ratings had people been able to see what happens next. For the record, I know a little of what happens next because I’ve communicated with Amelia about it, and I’m very curious to see how Derrick and Gavin go from this relationship to that relationship.

If I had stars ratings, I’d give this a solid 4.5/5 stars because I was turning the pages like crazy and felt really invested in the outcome of these characters. I wanted more from them, and kind of wished the book had another 20 pages in it so that I could just revel in how cute they could be together a bit longer. I’m not sure the 20 pages I wanted would’ve added to the story in any way, though, so I am not saying this is a flaw of the book, but am saying that the book and characters left me wishing for more, more, more.

The sex in the book was very hot (yay!), but ended up being secondary for me. I was much more interested in how Gavin got to where he is now, and in how Derrick was going to open up. Was he really going to dare and risk and make himself vulnerable? Was he going to step up to the same level as Gavin in terms of putting himself out there? I wanted to know!

I thought this was a wonderful fall read. It definitely lent itself to curling up in my comfy covers while the autumn light drifted in. I can’t wait for the second book and I highly recommend this one to all who enjoy a slow burn romance with the promise for more!

By the way, if you’ve read the book, I’d love to discuss it in comments! Especially if you disagree with anything I’ve said above.

1. Inertia by Amelia Gormley

2. Writer Wednesday interview with Amelia Gormley

Listening: Night of Hunters and Gold Dust

First, I’d like to point you over to Joyfully Jay’s Review Blog where she gave Earthly Desires 4.25 our of 5 stars! I’m very pleased and proud that the first book in my series with Keira Andrews has received some very nice reviews. Pleased as punch, as my grandmother would’ve said!

 I found this an enjoyable and fun story. It was an unusual tale and I was drawn into the book immediately and it kept my attention throughout.  The characters are entertaining and endearing, especially Efrosin, and I got a few giggles along the way.  If you are looking for a light and fun read, and especially if you like unique fairy tales, I’d give this one a try.



Next, I’d like to talk about how I have strange (and admittedly controlling) rules about music. There are certain albums and songs which are only allowed to be played at certain times in my household. For example, the Mum album, Finally We Are No One must only be played in winter time, or else I will be displeased. (Which, for what it’s worth, just consists of me saying, “Are you really playing this in summer? Really? Can’t you tell that this is a winter-only album?”)

Last year, there was a new release that became an Autumn Only album in my mind, and my poor kiddo has suffered the last month of me saying, “No, honey, we can’t listen to that one because it isn’t fall yet.” Um, okay, I really do understand that is weird and I’m probably scaring the child for life, but, seriously, it is an Autumn Only album, okay? Ahem. And that album is awesome. It’s Night of Hunters and you can listen to two songs from it below.

Star Whisperer Short Film


Buy Night of Hunters

Now, I’m very excited because, as it turns out, Night of Hunters was such a fantastic album that Deutsche Grammophon has chosen to support the new album Gold Dust, which will be out in October, and, I feel quite sure, is going to be an Autumn/Winter Only album, too. I’m practically vibrating with excitement over it.

Here are two videos where you can hear some music from the upcoming Gold Dust. If you only watch one of these videos, make it the first one here, Flavor, because it is just a great video, with gorgeous NYC footage, and we all know how much I adore NYC, right? So much. It owns part of my heart.

Wait, wait, wait…guys, guys, this is terrible. I just went to find the link to the video and it’s been removed by the user that uploaded it. I’m so bummed. It was seriously just an amazingly gorgeous video and I fully intended to watch it twenty more times. Dang it. Oh, well, parts of it are featured in this video below:

Gold Dust Trailer

And you can read a review of the now erased, vanished, poofed, gone Flavor video HERE, because that will totally make up for not being able to see it, right? Boo.

Buy Gold Dust

Regardless, Gold Dust is sure to be something I’ll have to buy on vinyl to play on the good stereo, because it will, no doubt, be divine. Be sure to pre-order it and be ready to roll around in some Autumn Only joyful sounds as soon as it hits your doorstep.

Watching: Vividcon (Only Not) – You by lolachrome

First, before we get started with today’s blog post, I’m very happy with THIS REVIEW of Earthly Desires from jeayci at Reviews by Jessewave! 4.5 out of 5 stars!

“Once upon a time, there was an m/m romance that with its first paragraph transported me to that magical realm of fairy tales. This story is beautifully written, almost lyrical in its flow, like the fairy tales of yore. This was a light (ha!), fun, engaging story. Great for a beach read, a comfort read; one of those moments you want something you know will make you laugh, smile, and feel good.”

Read the rest of the review and, if you haven’t already done so, I won’t stop you if you wanted to buy the book. 😉  Now on to a beautiful vid!


I’m not linking to Lola’s Vividcon video (yet) because the vid that she released just before she left for the con is breathtaking. For the record, I don’t watch Glee (anymore) but I still thought this vid was not only gorgeous but also spoke volumes about the character of Kurt. However, what really got to me was the way it spoke on a meta-level to the difficulty still attached to achieving one’s dreams when a person doesn’t perfectly fit the gender stereotypes. Yet, Kurt is resilient…his love may be too big for us yet, but he doesn’t quit. There he goes again.

Title: You
Summary: My love’s too big for you my love. A Kurt character study, with help from Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, and Lady Gaga, to name just a few.
Warning: Spoilers through Season 3

Links of interest about this vid:
1) This vid was dedicated to the life of Alex Doty who passed away. Lola links to his work of analyzing Glee.
2) Annotations and credits as well as other information on the making and inspiration of the video.
3) The video on Archive of Our Own
4) Kurt and the Casting Couch— To quote this amazing analysis:

The central contradiction at work here was the assertion that Kurt could not be an object of erotic attraction for women and girls, when in fact, beyond Glee’s textual confines, the opposite is true. Female (and many gay-identifying) fans eroticize Kurt/Chris Colfer constantly — more than any other character on Glee – at his concerts and in countless online fan sites. Kurt/Chris is a nexus of identification and desire for fans worldwide, and it is precisely his unique blend of feminine and masculine characteristics – his genderqueerness– that audiences find erotic about him. It is also what cultural authorities find discomfiting. Colfer is both feminine and an out gay man, and his popularity proves that his femininity and gayness do not preclude his eroticization; fan reactions to Colfer are notably not those of mere “tolerance” or “acceptance” but rather of passionate love and unbridled enthusiasm for the new queer erotics that he embodies.


My favorite parts:

1. The opening. Because, really, how delicately she prepares our brain for the introduction of additional/older source material.
2. The Hepburn moments, the James Dean red jacket, the Gene Kelley and Fred Astaire all mixed up with Kurt and Blaine, and, gosh, okay, just the whole thing. There’s not a bum note in this video.

If you watched, I’d love to hear your thoughts, or for you to share your favorite parts in the comments below. 🙂

Biltmore Inspiration

Today at Coffee and Porn in the Morning (Wine and Sex in the Afternoon), my co-author, Keira Andrews and I are featured for Favorite Things Thursday. We’re talking about castles, specifically one of America’s so-called castles, The Biltmore, and we’re giving away a copy of Earthly Desires.


While writing up the post, there were some things I wanted to ramble on about regarding the Biltmore estate, but I didn’t have the time or space, so I thought I’d ramble a bit more here. The Biltmore is America’s largest private home, although no one has lived there since the 1950s. There was a period of twenty years, though, during which the heir of the estate lived in the house simultaneous to it being a tourist attraction. Or at least there is an old story to that effect, I can’t verify if it is true. I’ve always always loved that story, though, and when I’ve visited the estate over the years, I’ve often tried to imagine what it would be like to have been the sole resident of that massive home.


What would it have been like at night? The vast, empty house all around you? I’ve always been tempted to write a ghost story based on these idle thoughts, and perhaps one day she will. There is even anecdotal evidence that it is haunted. The comments here are especially interesting if you scroll down far enough.

Lizzie Bennet’s Diaries


The fact that this exists makes up for a lot of terrible things in the world. Sometimes human beings make me so happy with their creations and their brains and their love of life, literature, characters, and creativity.

Lizzie Bennet Diaries – Watch and love!


In other news, Earthly Desires is now available at Barnes and Nobel as a NOOK book,, AllRomanceEbooks, and Ellora’s Cave.

In addition, my co-author, Keira Andrews, is hosting a contest on her blog for a free copy of the book. Just answer her question and we’ll decide on a winner next week!


Lastly, the song that is keeping my mood from going under today. It’s been a total life saver. Thank you, Of Monsters And Men.