Watching: Vividcon (Only Not) – You by lolachrome

First, before we get started with today’s blog post, I’m very happy with THIS REVIEW of Earthly Desires from jeayci at Reviews by Jessewave! 4.5 out of 5 stars!

“Once upon a time, there was an m/m romance that with its first paragraph transported me to that magical realm of fairy tales. This story is beautifully written, almost lyrical in its flow, like the fairy tales of yore. This was a light (ha!), fun, engaging story. Great for a beach read, a comfort read; one of those moments you want something you know will make you laugh, smile, and feel good.”

Read the rest of the review and, if you haven’t already done so, I won’t stop you if you wanted to buy the book. 😉  Now on to a beautiful vid!


I’m not linking to Lola’s Vividcon video (yet) because the vid that she released just before she left for the con is breathtaking. For the record, I don’t watch Glee (anymore) but I still thought this vid was not only gorgeous but also spoke volumes about the character of Kurt. However, what really got to me was the way it spoke on a meta-level to the difficulty still attached to achieving one’s dreams when a person doesn’t perfectly fit the gender stereotypes. Yet, Kurt is resilient…his love may be too big for us yet, but he doesn’t quit. There he goes again.

Title: You
Summary: My love’s too big for you my love. A Kurt character study, with help from Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, and Lady Gaga, to name just a few.
Warning: Spoilers through Season 3

Links of interest about this vid:
1) This vid was dedicated to the life of Alex Doty who passed away. Lola links to his work of analyzing Glee.
2) Annotations and credits as well as other information on the making and inspiration of the video.
3) The video on Archive of Our Own
4) Kurt and the Casting Couch— To quote this amazing analysis:

The central contradiction at work here was the assertion that Kurt could not be an object of erotic attraction for women and girls, when in fact, beyond Glee’s textual confines, the opposite is true. Female (and many gay-identifying) fans eroticize Kurt/Chris Colfer constantly — more than any other character on Glee – at his concerts and in countless online fan sites. Kurt/Chris is a nexus of identification and desire for fans worldwide, and it is precisely his unique blend of feminine and masculine characteristics – his genderqueerness– that audiences find erotic about him. It is also what cultural authorities find discomfiting. Colfer is both feminine and an out gay man, and his popularity proves that his femininity and gayness do not preclude his eroticization; fan reactions to Colfer are notably not those of mere “tolerance” or “acceptance” but rather of passionate love and unbridled enthusiasm for the new queer erotics that he embodies.


My favorite parts:

1. The opening. Because, really, how delicately she prepares our brain for the introduction of additional/older source material.
2. The Hepburn moments, the James Dean red jacket, the Gene Kelley and Fred Astaire all mixed up with Kurt and Blaine, and, gosh, okay, just the whole thing. There’s not a bum note in this video.

If you watched, I’d love to hear your thoughts, or for you to share your favorite parts in the comments below. 🙂

Writer Wednesday: Lisa Carlisle


About Writer Wednesday: a couple of Wednesdays per month I will feature another writer and their work. Any writer of any genre is welcome to request participation by sending an email to with the subject title WRITER WEDNESDAY COUNT ME IN! and I will get back to you about the details of participation.

Now, let’s talk with Lisa Carlisle!

1. The tagline on your website is “Dark Heroes, Feisty Heroines, Scorching Stories”. If your stories ‘do what it says on the tin’, what a delicious sounding recipe. What do you find most inspiring about this set up?

I’ve always thought the dark brooding guys are the sexiest. Who knows what they’re thinking behind their penetrating gazes? And I’m all for women being independent, taking care of themselves. And if that makes them a little feisty, even better. When you get those two together, watch out. 😉

2. Smoldering Nights is Book One in the Underground Encounters series. It appears to have vampires and possibly other supernatural creatures. Can you tell me what makes it different from other novels of its ilk? 

For years, I’ve read stories about vampires, witches, and so on. What interests me most aren’t their specific powers or abilities, but the characters themselves and how they deal with whatever makes them different. So I don’t rehash too many of the old characteristics about vampires or come up with new ones like making them sparkle, I focus on how they choose to live with their differences. Do they embrace their differences or curse them? Do they try to live among other people or hide from them? And even more so, how do their differences affect their relationships? So although there are supernatural creatures in Underground Encounters, the books focus more on relationships, conflicts, attraction between two very different characters, and how they can make it work.

3.  I love that your website has a section devoted to exploring the world of Vamps, the nightclub featured in the series. ( It’s such a clever and interactive idea. What inspired you to include pictures of the area in which your books are set? And what led you to come up with the idea of posting a playlist of music the DJs in Vamps might play?

Thank you! Well, I’ve worked as a Web manager and have written content for corporate Web sites for over twelve years, so now it was time to have some fun with this one! The Vamps nightclub is a big part of the setting in this series, almost like a recurring character. Walking to the nightclub is supposed to evoke walking into a dark, mysterious, gothic setting in an otherwise seemingly tranquil world. Those who choose to go there are attracted to an underground lifestyle, being with other people who consider themselves “different.” So I’m working on adding that feel to my Web site. The more I write in the series, the more I hope to add to make the site fun and interactive for readers and welcoming them to the world of Vamps.

4. I noticed that your heroine is a firefighter. That immediately piqued my interest. Is breaking the gendered and stereotyped norms for heroines a theme in your writing?

Since I served in the Marines, I know what it’s like to work as one of the few woman in a male-dominated setting. I wanted that experience for my heroines Nike in Smoldering Nights and and Maya in the sequel Fiery Nights. Although they’re tough women who don’t take crap from the guys they work with, they have a secret side where they wear sexy outfits to an underground club to decompress from their stressful jobs and feel like sexy women once again.

5. You also write non-fiction under another name. Please tell us a little bit about those books. Do you find that the topics you write about in the non-fiction world inform your fiction writing as well? 

Sure. As I mentioned, I served in the Marines, which is a very male-dominated profession where the men outnumbered the women 19-to-1. There are so many books out there from guys in the Marines, but not too many from women. I wanted to show another side of the Marines – through the experience of a woman. If you’re picturing a big, intimidating Marine, let me clarify. I’m petite, only five feet tall, and like to goof around. 😉

Smoldering Nights

Nike loves visiting the goth club Vamps—she can exchange her firefighter uniform for a slinky fantasy outfit. There she runs into the man she’d been admiring from afar at a rock climbing gym. He’s been the star of all her sexual fantasies, so is it any wonder they end up in his private room upstairs? Just when things begin to heat up, Michel’s enemies appear.

Only Michel isn’t an ordinary mortal. And someone from his past is on the hunt for vengeance. Michel and Nike are forced on the run and hide out in a coastal cottage in Maine. They can’t resist their attraction and spend the nights exploring each others’ bodies while trying to sort out how they feel about each other. Can they overcome their differences to be together? And how will they evade the predators who are chasing them?

Read an excerpt at Ellora’s Cave.

About Lisa Carlisle

I’ve loved the vampire myth since I was in third grade and had a crush on Dracula (rivaled only by my eternal love for Darth Vader). When I was younger, I served in the Marine Corps and backpacked around Europe on my own, which has provided me enough settings and characters for a lifetime of writing. Now I live in the Boston area with my fantastic, supportive husband and two kids. I’m very happy to be a multi-published, award-winning author writing in different genres.

Disclaimer: I go bat-shit crazy before Halloween and start decorating my house on October 1st. You can never have enough gargoyles.


Author site:

Buy link:




Writer Wednesday: Amber Skyze and Katalina Leon

About Writer Wednesday: a couple of Wednesdays per month I hope to feature another writer and their work. Any writer of any genre is welcome to request participation by sending an email to with the subject title WRITER WEDNESDAY COUNT ME IN! and I will get back to you about the details of participation.


1. Can you tell us a little about The Strix? What should readers know that makes it a compelling and different read?
Katalina: Writing this book was a very special experience for me and resulted in quite a few surprises and firsts. This was my first NANOWRIMO project. This was my first time co-authoring a book series. This was my first book partially channeled by a dead friend and this is my first book with Loose Id Publishing.
The Bag Of Tricks book series was the first time I truly collaborated with another author. The series was Amber’s idea based on her annual trips to Salem Massachusetts and the fun of visiting a Wiccan shop with girlfriends and having fortunes told. The wish bag filled with magical stones was her idea. When I was a young and single I would have found the idea of seeking out a little magical guidance to see if I was going to be lucky in love pretty irresistible. Amber came up with idea of four girlfriends in their early thirties who were close in college, reuniting for a Halloween weekend in Salem. Each heroine chooses a wish stone from the bag and has her fortune told. What the girls don’t know is the moment they make a wish they fall under some heavy enchantment and their lives become rocket ship rides of unexpected adventure. Of course every story is also populated with gorgeous supernatural men.
In The Strix Arcona enters a parallel world. She’s an innocent historical researcher in her current lifetime but she once was a strong spirited and desperate Celtic captive of Rome in 78 AD, who practiced dark witchcraft. She comes face to face with that lifetime and a man she should have loved but instead abused. Tyr was a condemned gladiator who loved Arcona and wanted to buy her freedom but ended up being turned into an immortal flesh and blood weapon with a badly damaged soul. After two thousand years of heartless misery as a Slayer dedicated to the gods of war Tyr has had enough and wants it all to end. Meeting the reincarnation of the original Arcona in Salem is Tyr’s sole opportunity to be free of the Slayer’s curse. He kidnaps Arcona intent on breaking the curse and dragging Arcona into death with him, but they’re hard start quickly turns into something more complex and tender as old memories and motivations rush forward. For the first time in two thousand years Tyr begins to feel love again and his plans change drastically.
2. You co-wrote the book. Is this your first time co-writing? How was that experience different from writing alone?
Amber: Yes, this book was the first time co-authoring. I love Kat as an author and a person, so it was very easy to write these books.
Katalina: I actually wrote The Strix. Amber was so supportive and pro-active about showing my partial to a new-to-me publisher that I was very grateful for her help and patient ear. The next book in the series Claimed By Dragons is a true collaboration that both of us wrote together.
3. How did you go about the world-building in your novel? Did you work it all out before hand with a computer or in a notebook?
Katalina: I emailed Amber about fifty times a day to run ideas past her as we worked together to create the details of this world.
4. You have written many books over the years. Is there any book in particular that is very close to your heart? Do you have a book that you wish others loved as much as you do?
Amber: Splashing Good Time…it’s a quickie from Ellora’s Cave. I love the characters in that book, the setting, especially Nathan the hero.
5. What about Katalina’s books–is there a particular favorite of yours amongst her back catalogue?
Amber: I love all her books, but my all-time favorite, aside from The Strix is Owned By Rome.
6. Where can people find you and Katalina (and your books) online?
You can find The Strix at Loose Id LLCAll Romance eBooks, and Amazon. You can find Katalina’s work at  Ellora’s Cave Publishing,
Sony, Smashwords, Kobo, Fictionwise, Diesel and many more.
Amber around the web: and

Writer Wednesday: Francesca Hawley of Romance with Dangerous Curves

Welcome to Writer Wednesday! As I mentioned last week, a couple of Wednesdays a month, I hope to feature another writer and their work. Any writer of any genre is welcome to request participation by sending an email to with the subject title WRITER WEDS COUNT ME IN! and I will get back to you about the details of participation.

Last week, we talked to Cat Grant. This week I’m excited to talk with to Francesca Hawley of Romance with Dangerous Curves.


1. Your web site has the tag line “Romance with Dangerous Curves”. What does this mean?

The meaning is two-fold. I asked Rae Monet to redesign my web site a couple years ago and her first design, while really great, didn’t match my vision. As I looked at it, I thought to myself, “It needs curves. Where are the curves?” And like a lightning bolt, I had an epiphany — Romance with Dangerous Curves. I needed curves because of who I am and the kind of women I write about. My heroines are all plus-sized because I am too. Even if a magic fairy could wave a wand and make me weigh 110 pounds tomorrow, I know that mentally, I’d still feel like a fat chick. I wanted to emphasize that with the tag line and the web site.

2. What inspired you to begin writing romances featuring curvy women?

When I began to write seriously, there were very few plus-size heroines. I’d read about beautiful women. Feisty heroines. And while I could relate to those traits, I couldn’t relate to the descriptions of those heroines as slender, with waists a man could span with his hands. That’s never been me and I wanted to write about women who’d had similar experiences. I wanted to write about heroines who represented women like me so I decided to give it a try.

3. Have you found that there are many women (and men) who are craving romantic stories like these?

Yes, I have. I’ve received a number of emails and comments from readers when I meet them. It’s really gratifying to talk to my readers. Many of them thank me for writing about heroines that represent them. Women that they can relate to and it’s been great to have the positive responses.

4. What has been your most rewarding experience with regards to writing these books? Has it been something you learned, or has it been fan reactions?

I think the most rewarding thing about writing has been finding my voice – as a writer and as a woman. I realized that I didn’t need to be slender to find love or to deserve it, and neither did my heroines. It’s been a journey for me to grow stronger within myself and my heroines have helped me make that journey.

5. Is there a particular book that is closest to your heart or which you learned something important while writing?


I think that Seeking Truth is the book closest to my heart, and for a number or reasons. I’ve belonged to the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism – go to to learn more) since 1995. The SCA is a group that educates about the Middle ages and recreates them in a creative way. With Seeking Truth, I was able to tap into my love of history and of the Medieval time period to create as realistic an erotic romance as I could. And the research was a lot of fun – not just on the erotic side. Wink…

As I wrote this story, I absolutely fell for Eaduin Kempe, my hero. He’s flawed and filled with pain, yet strong and loving. Seeing him with his foster mother made both me and the heroine, Vérité, fall more deeply in love with him. Any guy that loves his mom like that is really hot. It shows he has a deep respect for women and that’s highly attractive. I also had to draw on some deep emotions within myself to write a very dark scene in this story and it made my writing more intense and the story more emotional. At least, I hope so.

6. Do you have a new book out now or are you releasing a new one before long?


My most current release is also my oldest. Alpha vs. Alpha was first released in 2005 by another publisher and when my rights reverted back to me, I had a chance to edit it so it met my vision for it better. The new version of AvA was released by Ellora’s Cave in 2011. The story takes place in the shapeshifter world I created and explored in Protect and Defend. The heroine of this book, Serena, runs a matchmaking service and dating web site for shapeshifters called The hero, Damien, has a bad experience with the service. When he meets Serena, he realizes that she’s his True Mate. Unfortunately, Serena’s not convinced. It was fun to write a fast paced, highly sexy story between these two.

As to future works, at the moment, I’m working on another shapeshifter story where the hero and heroine are introduced to one another by Serena through her matchmaking service. Both are in tight spots and need a Mate because of pressure from outside sources. Per Goldwolf needs to impress a boss and Yohana Whitewolf needs to placate her pack where she’s the pack leader. They are a fun couple and I get to explore the dynamic of two Alphas again, but the fight is even more pronounced because Yohana is a pack leader and bows to no one. Once I finish it, I’ll submit the story to my editor at Ellora’s Cave and I’ll be crossing my fingers that she likes it and offers a contract.

7. Where can people find you and your books online?

My web site is Francesca Hawley Dot Com and people can discover more about me there. I also maintain a blog at Blogspot. I post on the first Monday of the month at Authors by Moonlight and on the 10th of the month at Sweet ‘n’ Sexy Divas . They can also visit my publisher’s web site at: Ellora’s Cave but the books are also for sale at Barnes and Noble and at

Lizzie Bennet’s Diaries


The fact that this exists makes up for a lot of terrible things in the world. Sometimes human beings make me so happy with their creations and their brains and their love of life, literature, characters, and creativity.

Lizzie Bennet Diaries – Watch and love!


In other news, Earthly Desires is now available at Barnes and Nobel as a NOOK book,, AllRomanceEbooks, and Ellora’s Cave.

In addition, my co-author, Keira Andrews, is hosting a contest on her blog for a free copy of the book. Just answer her question and we’ll decide on a winner next week!


Lastly, the song that is keeping my mood from going under today. It’s been a total life saver. Thank you, Of Monsters And Men.

The Inspiration


In the past, I’ve almost always been most inspired by music and I tend to write while listening to a specific playlist. When suffering from the occasional writer’s block, music has most often been the source of breaking the inspiration free again, providing me with solutions to the problems, and setting me off on another rush of creativity.

Recently, though, I’ve found another source of input very inspiring. Photographs. As most artists have been doing of late, I’ve started making Pinterest boards that correspond with my writing. It has become a huge source of inspiration for me, though, unlike music, the boards don’t seem to help me problem-solve, but merely help me visualize how I want to describe things and people, and to help establish the atmosphere and vibe of the story.

As an example, working on a recent fairy tale for our series, Tempting Tales with Ellora’s Cave, I found the following image incredibly inspirational, even if this castle and these swans don’t appear at all in the story. It was the magical, fairyland, unreal atmosphere that I wanted to capture.


I’ve got pin boards for Fairy Tales in general, boards for specific stories like Spanish Dancing Shoes and The Frog Prince, and boards for random and currently unplaceable inspiration.

From the Spanish Dancing Shoes board.

A potential future protagonist from the Inspiration board.

If this isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is.

From the Frog Prince board.


Feel free to follow me at Pinterest and get a glimpse of the beautiful things I’m using to juice up my inspiration, or, heck, just for some pretty pictures.

Earthly Desires Release Date!

Earthly Desires, the first novella in my new series with Keira AndrewsTempting Tales — will be released Friday, June 29 from Ellora’s Cave. Which makes me feel like this:

I know this is a strange gif to express my emotions, but it is the truest one I could find. I am all of these people: excited, apprehensive, elated, huzzah, and ‘let’s do this’ all at once.


The blurb:

Cursed as an infant with a lack of physical and emotional gravity, Prince Efrosin can’t keep his feet on the ground or his head out of the clouds. Laughing his way through life, he’s never been weighed down by love and lust.

Then one fateful day, his tenuous tie to the earth is severed and he blows away on the wind. He’s rescued by Dmitri, a handsome young woodsman who suffers from a mysterious curse of his own, and the two strangers are irresistibly drawn together. Touched by earthly yearnings for sex and love for the first time, they dive into a delightfully sensual and passionate affair. As the evil witch who cursed them plans her ultimate revenge, Efrosin and Dmitri must fight to find their fairy tale ending and live happily ever after.


And an excerpt!


Dmitri didn’t understand it, but as he gazed at Efrosin’s lips, he felt a heretofore unfamiliar, and yet compelling surge of need pulse through him, and before he could stop himself, he leaned forward and kissed those lips. The answering gasp, followed by more laughter that seemed to fill his own mouth and tickle against his palate, did not discourage him at all.

Efrosin’s lips were soft and his tongue was slick and he didn’t pull away from Dmitri’s clumsy attempt, but rather deepened the kiss in a way that made Dmitri’s toes curl and blood rush to his cock. For a confused moment he thought he was kissing an angel before he remembered that he was only kissing a prince. A free-floating, beautiful, powerful, laughing prince. Perhaps “only” was not quite the proper word.

“Lovely,” Efrosin exclaimed, pulling away and licking his lips. “I hope you intend to ravish me, because I have always imagined it would be quite fun to be ravished. No one’s ever tried it with me, alas.” Efrosin frowned a little and licked his mouth. “You taste like dirt. It’s delicious, though I’ve never enjoyed the taste of dirt before. How odd.”

“You taste like clouds,” Dmitri said, hoping it was a compliment.

“I ate quite a few during my journey to this tree,” Efrosin said. “I…feel a bit strange. Quick. Kiss me again.”

Dmitri, reminded of Efrosin’s perilous flight, came to his senses, and while he was not willing to say that he would not kiss the prince again, he did think there were just a few things that should be accomplished first. “We must get you down.”

Efrosin frowned, seeming much less intent on getting back to the earth now that he had company in the tree. “But you will kiss me again?”

“Once we’re safe.” Dmitri looked down to choose which limbs they should try, and immediately wished he hadn’t. His head swirled with the distance between his body and the earth below. He’d never before climbed so high.

“Safe is such a thrilling state of being. I can’t remember the last time I felt safe. Grip my hands,” Efrosin said. “Don’t let go.”

Dmitri took Efrosin’s smooth hands into his own, and Efrosin began to shake with amusement again. “Your calluses tickle. Now, hold tight. It will be fun.”

“What will be?” Dmitri asked.



“We are tied hand and foot, and you have hold of my hands. All will be well. Trust me.”

It was surprisingly hard to trust laughing royalty. “We’ll die. It’s too far.”

“Too far? What a silly notion.”

Dmitri’s last thought when Efrosin kicked his feet out from under him with a surprisingly strong swipe was, At least I got to kiss him. They tumbled into the air, crashing into branches below until Efrosin pushed off against the tree trunk, thrusting them both clear. It was only then Dmitri realized how slowly the ground rose up to meet them.

“Your weight to bring us down,” Efrosin sang in his ear. “My levity to keep us from being quite smashed.” There was more laughter, and then a curl of words in his ear, which, coupled with the rush of adrenaline coursing through his veins, made Dmitri’s cock stiffen against the hard bone of Efrosin’s hip. “And you will ravish me, won’t you? Once we’re on the ground. You promised. You’re so handsome, and your hands are so big. I’m aquiver at the thought of you on me, in me, touching me—”

“Oh my God,” Dmitri choked. “Do you speak to everyone who gets you down from trees this way?”


As I mentioned last week, this story was inspired by the Scottish fairy tale The Light Princess by George MacDonald. I don’t think you need to know the source tale to enjoy this erotic romance, but it’s a fun read.

Took Out All The Good Pages

Before the blog post proper, I’d like to say how excited I am to find that Keira’s and my book, Earthly Desires, is listed on the Ellora’s Cave site as “Coming Soon” and provides an excerpt for readers! So exciting!

“Would you read a book
if somebody took
out all the good pages?”

— Jay Brannan


As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been listening obsessively to Sinead O’Connor and Jay Brannan’s latest albums. I listen to one then the other, then back over them both again. This could be because I burned them to the same disc. But not necessarily, because there have been many times that I’ve burned a disc with two albums on it and it hasn’t worked out. The new Margot & the Nuclear So & Sos paired with Lana Del Rey for example. In that case, I listen to “Sea Chanty” by Margot and then skip straight to Lana every time. But, with Jay and Sinead, I listen to all of both of them, and the songs sometimes speak to each other.

I’d love to hear Jay cover Sinead — perhaps he has and I simply don’t know? Okay, from her latest album, what would I like to hear Jay cover? “Reason With Me” would be in his range, I think, and he’d be good at hitting the mournful, tender, solemn aspects of it. It might worry his mama, though. I mean, no one wants to hear their child singing, “Oh, so long I’ve been a junkie.” It kinda makes a mama want to sit them down and say, “Sweetheart, just what do you relate to in this song, exactly?” But given that he sings about looking for hay in stacks of hypodermics, she’s probably already had that conversation with him. Hmm, “Queen of Denmark” would be great, but that’s a cover, so he’d be covering a cover, and I’d be down with that. “Take Off Your Shoes” is a pretty great song, though I’m not sure about all the religious imagery. I think he could manage it, though. He used to sing Michael Chapman for heaven’s sake.


This guy is bald, too!

And wouldn’t it be awesome if Sinead O’Connor covered Jay Brannan? Which song from Rob Me Blind would be best for her to cover? “Everywhere There’s Statues”? “My Greatest Hits”? “LaLaLa”? “Myth of Happiness”? I’ve gotta admit, hearing Sinead O’Connor do “Bowlegged and Starving”, while not from Rob Me Blind, would be a major life highlight for me.

La la la. I should make a post about fantasy covers by various artists. That would be fun (for me)! Okay, enough of this rambling. 🙂

ETA: Well, fuck me, he’s covered her and fabulously. The universe has conspired to bring me joy.


Black Boys on Mopeds:

Announcing a New Series and a New Book


I’m excited to be able to finally announce some very exciting (to me) news! Keira Andrews and I are co-writing a new series of books–Tempting Tales–for Ellora’s Cave. Last fall I did some editing work for Keira on her latest novel, The Chimera Affair, and we enjoyed working with each other so much that we decided to team up on a new line of erotic m/m novellas inspired by fairy and folk tales.

Our vision is that the original legends are a jumping-off point for stories that will take on a life of their own and not merely be the same tales with two male protagonists instead of princesses and damsels. Our tales will not be modernized, but in keeping with the fairy tale tone and style. Some will be whimsical and light, while others darker. All will feature smokin’ hot man sex and happily ever afters.

Just in case you were wondering, this is what I look like when I’m writing. It’s very glamorous.

We’re excited to let you know that the first book in this series will be released soon. The novella is titled “Earthly Desires“, and it is based on the Scottish tale of “The Light Princess”, made famous by George MacDonald. More information will be forthcoming and we’re looking forward to sharing more with you as soon as we have more information on when the book will be available. In the meantime, I’m excited to be able to share the cover (by the wonderful Kendra Egert) with you now!


Keira and I are very inspired by this concept and excited about the series. We can’t wait to bring you more books with fairy and folk tale themes in the future, and we hope you’ll come along to fairyland with us!

What’s your favourite fairy tale? Let us know!