Round Up!

1. Today is the last day for people to comment for a chance to win a free copy of Ascending Hearts at Stumbling Over Chaos! Contest closes at 7pm tonight!

2. Over at Cup o’ Porn, Keira and I talk about Five Fairy Tale Hunks we wouldn’t mind finding at the top of our beanstalks. Our post is pretty SFW, but the Cup o’ Porn site itself might be a wee bit riksy! It’s not called Cup o’ Porn for nothing!

3. Over at Sidney Bristol’s blog, I’m going on about the rabbit hole of writing research and the gift of the internet.

4. I was on Amelia Gormley’s blog discussing the inspiration behind Ascending Hearts, complete with some pictures!

5. Ascending Hearts is now available in the Kobo store and the Barnes & Noble Nook Book store.

In other news, I got mind-jacked by a new novel two days ago. It’s not good timing, but the entire thing showed up–characters, plot, settings, motivations, dialogue–absolutely everything. This never happens and so I feel like I’d be an idiot not to follow through. If I’m diligent and lucky I might be able to have a first draft done within two months and then get back on track with my plan for the year.