Fanworks Friday: I’m Not A Hero by Gabi #teenwolf #stiles #allison

I am not certain because Tumblr is sometimes confusing with attributions, but I think this art is by drragons.

Allison has really become one of my favorites and a truly kick-ass heroine in so many ways. Any flaws she has I attribute to Jeff Davis and his lack of skills in storytelling, not to the character herself. I don’t usually do that, but when it comes to Jeff Davis, I do. The guy can’t write his way out of a paperbag…that he wrote himself into. But I still love the show. Though Jeff thinks emotional continuity (or continuity of any kind) is for losers, apparently. Whatever, whatever, watch this gorgeous vid below by Gabbi. If Allison isn’t enough of a draw for you, it’s also got Stiles. And who doesn’t love Stiles? The end.

I’m Not a Hero by Gabi
(Stiles + Allison, but not Stiles/Allison)

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The Last Airbender Christmas Fanvids

Yes, I know that it says 2011 and it’s 2012, but the fanartist, Hoodsun, made it last year. So, just ignore the date and admire the utter perfection of this in all other ways.

So, I couldn’t really couldn’t find what I was looking for–a Last Airbender fanvideo with a song that I loved to use on Friday. But the fanvideos I did find for The Last Airbender were so cute, I decided to share them anyway. I was surprised by the sheer number of Christmas videos for The Last Airbender, too, given that there is no canonical Christmas on the show itself.

A cute Aang/Katara video with some nice fanart in the mix. Santa, don’t you know that Aang only has eyes for Katara?

This seems like a very legitimate representation of what Christmas would be like for Zuko.

And an Avatar in an iceberg!

A nice selection of fanart.


Fanwork Friday: The World Spins Madly On



There are different kinds of fans in this world, obviously. This is a fanwork (more like gorgeous, heartstopping, fanart) by someone who clearly deeply loves The Weepies. Or, at the very least, this song by The Weepies.

To quote the artist, Ryan Woodward, from his site:

For the past 15 years, most of my artwork has been viewed in a commercial venue…Hollywood. This project, an exhibition of figurative works and experimental animation, leaves behind my traditional artistic preferences of the narrative and enters the realm of individual interpretation.

I think what I’m reacting to in his creation, and which rings true to me with fanworks in general, is that he has left behind a commercial venue for his work, turning instead to the ‘realm of individual interpration’. So much of fanwork is about taking what was once commercial and appropriating it for oneself in an individual way, putting one’s own experiences and interpretations onto it.

I doubt that this artist would necessarily see his piece as a fanwork, but I do. And since this is my blog, let’s say it is. Whatever your thoughts on whether it qualifies as a fanwork, it is beautiful. Do watch it.

Fanwork Friday: Eneada

Eneada has done fanart in many fandoms in the past, but I think she’s hit a new height with her recent work in Teen Wolf.

Possibly one of my favorite Teen Wolf fanarts so far. A BAMF Stiles Stilinski. What I wouldn’t pay to see this play out onscreen.

A Game of Thrones/Teen Wolf crossover art piece? Only fandom will bring about this kind of wonderful.


The colors here are wonderful and I enjoy the story the picture tells. Burn it down.


If you enjoy Eneada’s work, you can find more at Deviant Art. I’m not sure if she sells her stuff, but it can’t hurt to ask!

Fanwork Friday: NinaKask

Fanwork Friday! The day I highlight some fanwork that I’ve either admired or learned something from. I love this day!

I stumbled on NinaKask‘s fanwork recently and totally love it. You can go to her Deviant Art page and check out more stuff.

Teen Wolf



If you like her work, definitely check her out on Deviant Art. I think she sells some prints and stuff. 🙂

Watching: Vividcon — Anything for Love by astolat and Speranza


If you’re a fan of television or movies, especially if you’re one of those fans, then you’re probably aware that Vividcon took place a few weeks ago. And where there is Vividcon, there are great vids! I thought I’d do a series highlighting some of my favorites that came out of the convention.

Title: Anything for Love by astolat and Speranza
Summary: I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that! …oh, all right. (Vividcon 2012 Premiere)
My thoughts: A meta, multi-fandom vid focusing on the experience fans and fandom, their passionate and ultimately fickle nature, and the extent fans will go to for their love of characters (and pairings and fandom and fannish creations and sharing the love). If you have ever shared a fannish love (obsession) with any one, then you might know what it’s like to be Thelma and Louise going over that cliff. (“Let’s make that vid! Write that fanfic! Create that art! Whoosh! Plummet! Over the edge!”) As the vidders themselves put it–fans sometimes feel ‘dubconned’ into their big, massive, fannish emotions, and this video captures that so well.

Links of interest about this vid:
1) Annotations and credits as well as other information on the making and inspiration of the video.
2. The video on Archive of Our Own

My favorite parts:

1) I love that it’s multifandom. How hilarious/sad/something is it that I know every single source used in this, and have been fannish about several?
2) I adore the big, fat red X over Tumblr (I won’t do that) and how it just dissolves under the heat of fannish love (oh, all right, I’ll do that).
3) I love that the fickle nature of fandom is captured with Thor looking so betrayed at the end when the fans get distracted by Magic Mike, and Loki comforting him. “But, brother, why do they not want to write stories about our angsty, epic, not-really-incest-but-not-really-not-incest love anymore?” “It will be okay, Thor. Shh. It will be okay.”
4. I absolutely love how they’ve captured the gleeful, delightful, whimsical, gorgeous, awesome insanity of fandoms with Adam Lambert as Mary Poppins, the Lex Luthor paper dolls, the babies dressed in Star Trek uniforms, and etc.


There is meta in the use of this fanart! 

(by Thunderfrost)


If this post has you thinking, “Fandom? What? Tumblr, huh? What is this crazy stuff? And, really, all this madness,time, effort over movies and tv shows? Why? Why would you spend time on this?” Well, there is a post coming your way soon about how movies and television are important media, worthy of study, and that how people interact with this modern source of story and myth is massively important and amazing. But that day is not today.

In the meantime, go forth and do anything for love, y’all. Just don’t…do that. (Oh, all right. Do that.)