Cup o’ Porn – Friday Free For All – Love’s Nest Raffle! #free #ebook

At Cup o’ Porn today, Keira and I are offering up a free copy of our latest sexy fairy tale, Love’s Nest, in a random raffle! To participate click HERE!

For more information about Love’s Nest, and to determine if it’s a book you’d be interested in winning, please check out these blog posts:

1. Love’s Nest Release Day! It has a blurb and additional information about this sexy fairy tale. Gotta love hot gay fairies! πŸ™‚
2. Love’s Nest 7/7/7 which has a small excerpt from the book.
3. The Next Big Thing which talks about the inspiration for Love’s Nest!

And I’ll include some of that imagery below, too.

So, head on over to Cup o’ Porn and sign in for the raffle to win Love’s Nest!

Tempting Freebie


So, over at the relaunched blog Darker Temptations, we’re having two weeks of freebies. Everything from amazon gift cards, free e-books, free book-books, and other swag. Today Keira and I are giving away a free copy of our book, just comment to participate! πŸ™‚


And do be sure to page back and see what else is on offer. Winners are announced next week! πŸ™‚

Blogging for Darker Temptations


Come be tempted by the two weeks of free items at Darker Temptations!

Do you like free things? Of course you do! I know it seems like I keep posting about free things lately (like the free cookbook I mentioned the other day) but there is just so much free stuff to be had right now!

I’m excited to announce thatΒ Darker Temptations is relaunching with new bloggers, including me and Keira Andrews. And here’s where the free stuff comes in: every day for the next two weeks, sci-fi, paranormal and fantasy romance authors will be giving away books and swag, so be sure to drop in often! You can also click Follow at the top of the blog and be notified daily of updates so that you can keep track of what’s being offered.

Keira and I will be blogging there every two weeks. There are 13 authors participating and we will be writing blog posts to specific themes. It should be a bit different from what I offer up here. It should be fun!