28 Days of Holiday Music: Day 3: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


Back in 1998, you couldn’t find this recording very easily. It was on a UK single called Spark Pt 1 to promote the album From the Choirgirl Hotel. Back then, you had to scour CD stores for it. Now you can buy it used on Amazon for $80 or listen to it for free on YouTube, or buy the tracks for a dollar apiece as .mp3s. Oh, the life of the pre-internet music fan! I remember finding it and being so incredibly thrilled. Ah, good memories. [Edit: Further investigation shows that Amazon prices might be a bit high, since Ebay has most of these singles listed between $2.00 and $19.00 depending on various particulars of the item.]

There were two Christmas-themed b-sides on that single Purple People (Christmas in Space) and this one that I’m featuring today.


Day Three

Some music trivia for you–this recording was featured in a Roswell episode back in the day. The coolness factor of that depends on how you feel about Roswell, I suppose.