“I loved every bit of this book and found myself longing for more!” 5 stars – Smoky Mountain Dreams by Leta Blake #mmromance #bestseller

Wendy at Hearts On Fire Revews says:

This book is set in the fall of the year leading up to Christmas. It’s my favorite season leading to my favorite holiday. I love the scenery that Mother Nature puts on display – the vivid hues of reds, oranges, and yellows of the leaves on the trees and bushes. Not everything is beautiful because there are also the darker browns and almost colorless debris that can be found as well. It all seemed kind of symbolic of the depth and complexity, the bright spots and struggles that can be found in this story. And just like my favorite season, I loved every bit of this book while it lasted and found myself longing for more in the end.

The reds, oranges and yellows:

• Christopher – humble and good to the core. He’s a man who adores his Gran and hears her advice in his head when he needs a little reality check. He has reconciled himself to always being second best (in life and in love). He puts others first even if it means heartache for himself. He secretly longs to belong in a family and to have someone really “see” him and actually make him their first choice. I would so totally make him mine if I could (or hug the stuffing out of him trying).
• Jesse – devoted and loyal. He’s open and honest and sincere about trying to do the right things whether it’s caring for and advocating for his wife, guiding his children or speaking openly with Christopher (I loved how Chris and Jesse could actually communicate and share their true thoughts with one another). He may have been bi-sexual, but it really seemed to be a one-off with his wife. He was a man’s man in all other respects.
• Strong women – Christopher’s Gran and Jesse’s sister Amanda were both awesome in their ability to give the best advice and guide their respective men with a swift kick in the ass when needed!
• The passion and the sex – reds, oranges and yellows definitely represent how hot and colorful these guys were when getting down to business. From the exceptional love of rimming (so very intimate), to down and dirty talk, to the creative use of, um, pearls, to their own special post anal sex soothing ritual, I loved being privy to their private moments and very glad they were quite plentiful!


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99 cents in November! Fan Fave Training Season by Leta Blake. #sale #99cents #gay

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“Does Training Season by Leta Blake live up to all it’s crazy hype? IT SO DOES!” – Breann, Boy Meets Boy Reviews

“A tale told with such flair and tenderness, and with such insight into the two main characters that I will read it over and over again.” – Susan Mac Nicol, The Romance Review Site

“If you are looking something real with passion that leaps off the pages, read this book. Now. You will NOT be disappointed.” – Mama Kitty Reviews

“I am stunned. I am shocked. What did I just read? A wonderful story? A gorgeous tale of love, hope, loss, acceptance, forgiveness? All of the above? You bet your sweet ass.” – The Risque Redhead Reviews

“I loved it in pretty much every way it’s possible to love a book and its characters.” – Lisa, The Novel Approach

“I’m emotionally drained after finishing Training Season by Leta Blake! Nothing better than a story that keeps you thinking of the characters when you aren’t reading. And now that I’ve finished, I want to go back and reread it.”- Lady McNeill, Ms. Condit and Friends Read Books

“Highly recommended with 5+ glittery hearts and one unforgettable North Star!” – Wendy, Hearts On Fire Reviews

“I feel like I could talk about this book forever. It took me on an emotional journey that was really wonderful and I highly recommend it.” – Joyfully Jay, M/M Romance Reviews And More

“This book is the epitome of perfection.” – Yuki, Read Me to The End of the World

“A memorable story so sweetly told that it’s a real hardship when the story ends and you realise that even though Rob and Matty have their Happily Ever After, you don’t because you want to keep on reading!” – Susan Mac Nicol, The Romance Review Site

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Reviews for Training Season!


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5+ glittery hearts and one unforgettable North Star! #mmromance #reviews #figureskating

Another lovely Goodreads review for Training Season has come in via Wendy at Hearts on Fire Reviews.

To quote:

The passion between Rob and Matty is combustible. Rob’s penchant for domination and Matty’s desire to give up control led them down an exploratory path with BDSM that translated to some of the most scorching sex scenes I’ve read – and I’ve read a lot of them! Some of their edgier activities will certainly be pushing boundaries for a subset of people. I was transfixed by the sense of raw power and emotion that came across not only in the bedroom (or all the other places they got their giddy-up on), but also based on the reality of their situation.

From laughter to tears, I definitely experienced the whole emotional spectrum as I followed the story of Matty and Rob. Mostly, I felt like I was consumed by an inferno of glitter tipped flames as I made my way through this book…The characters were so vivid (both the MC’s and the secondary characters) and the plot and angst were very compelling….Highly recommended with 5+ glittery hearts and one unforgettable North Star!! 🙂

Wendy, via Goodreads

Training Season will be out on December 7th!

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I admit I’m stunned and giddy and waiting for the other shoe to fall and wondering if I should dance out my joy in the meantime? I mean, I don’t even know what to say about the reception Training Season has received thus far and I’m so very overwhelmed by a weird mix of unexpected emotions that all I can say is…wow. Wow. Just…wow.

Thank you to everyone who reads Training Season, whether you share the Wendy’s opinion or not. A book isn’t finished until someone reads it. So, thank you so much for that. I’ll just be over here in the corner clutching my heart and dancing and maybe crying a little when no one’s looking, okay?