Coming Out at 43 and Need Help! #gay #comingout

I have a friend (and that is not a euphemism for myself) who is coming out in his forties and is looking for supportive blogs to read and stories similar to his own. I haven’t been very helpful to him in this regard, so I thought I’d reach out to the community and the world wide web and ask for suggestions. If you have any links to blogs or anything like that, please do share them in comments here.


Experience Marketing Serials? Help Needed, Por Favor! #writing #publishing #help

My current manuscript is quite long, over 300k words, and, as such, is far too long for the market accustomed to novels that are more like 110k at the outside. However, the good news is, that the manuscript is structured in such a way that I believe it would work well as a serialized novel. Each part would be around 38k words and I’d price them accordingly. 

As I get closer to a completed product, I’m looking for some input and advice about serialization. Does anyone have experience with publishing a serial? And if so, could you offer any advice about what to do, what not to do, or pass on ideas for marketing, etc? Any input at all would be lovely and helpful!
In addition, I’m wondering if I’m overlooking an obvious way to sell subscriptions to the serial, so that someone can pay a set amount up front and receive each episode as it is put out, rather than having to count entirely on return traffic as each episode is released. I saw that Amazon has as service called Amazon Serials, but it requires pitching your idea to them, being accepted, etc, and I’m not sure I care to go that route. I’d rather do it on my own or find another service, unless someone knows something about Amazon Serials that I don’t. Surely there must be some obvious way to provide a subscription service for myself. Hopefully.
Again, any information or experience that might be shared would be wonderful. Thank you!


Kinky or Cute? Hot or Sweet? Help Me Choose The Excerpt For Training Season! #mmromance #ebook

So, I need to choose an excerpt for Training Season. I’d like to put one up on this site, have one to bring to a guest post on other blogs, and to put up on the seller sites that allow for that. The trouble is, I can’t seem to decide what the excerpt should be. That’s why I need your help.

A couple of friends suggested sharing Rob and Matty’s meet-cute, with Matty in the fur and Rob on the front porch, but I don’t know if that really gives the right vibe for the book. I’m concerned that a subset of readers might be turned off by the way Matty chooses to present himself in that scene, both in his behavior and his appearance. But, who am I kidding? Matty is a flawed character and that scene does sum that up pretty well.

But perhaps there are better scenes that I could use. Like, maybe, The Hills Are Alive scene or the Big Sky of Desire scene. Or some other scene I haven’t considered.

So, here’s the part where you get to help me! (Please, please, please help me!) If you’ve read Training Season (and if you haven’t feel free to change that) Please hit me up with the scene you think would make for the best excerpt. I seriously just don’t know.

I eagerly await your assistance.

Help Jess Cheer #autism #cheer

My pal Traci’s daughter has Autism and she loves to cheer. Traci let us know the following yesterday:

You may or may not know, the grants that we usually get to help Jess with cheer, from the Autism Society and the Indio Youth Task Force have both, for all intents and purposes, fallen through. So any help you can give us would be appreciated.

It is tax deductible! Thank you for your support! Without it, Jess would not have been able to do this every year! 

If you feel inspired to help Jess, please go to her page and donate. Any bit helps out!