Nights Like These and Maybe: Training Season Extras! #music #lucero #ingridmichaelson

In my little series of music posts about my soundtrack while writing Training Season, here are two more of Rob’s songs. Both of them are very much how he thinks about Matty, the situation, and all of his hopes, dreams and fears. “Nights Like These” is the most despairing of the two and the reference to the only boy who ever broke your heart is a Figure Skating reference, but of course. “Maybe” by Ingrid Michaelson is a bit more upbeat, though I think hopeful resignation is the name of the game with that song.

Five Songs on Shuffle Play #music

Eric Arvin has a ritual on Facebook of posting five shuffled songs to start his day. I love music and I love shuffle posts and thus I thought, “Why not do that on your blog, Leta?”

So let’s try it out.

First five songs on my shuffle play! Music brought to you by the powers of YouTube! If you like the music, go forth and buy it!


Sort Of by Ingrid Michaelson

It’s not a Gaga song, I promise. It’s the song set to the most wonderful Kurt fanvid ever made. The kind of fanvid that you’ll never forget. Watch it.


The World Spins Madly On by The Weepies (Animation by Ryan Woodward)

Stunning animation to a wonderful song.


Take On Me by A-Ha.

No explanation needed, amiright?


Goin’ Places by The Jacksons

Uh, I didn’t even know I owned this song? *confused*


Whatshername by Green Day

Bonus American Idiot Version!

Well, this was interesting! Gotta say! I’ll be curious to see what comes up tomorrow!

28 Days of Holiday Music: Fanworks Friday: Winter Song Inspires


So many fanvids made to this song! They’re mostly multifandom, too, which is interesting!

Just the climax of the song vidded to a lot of various couples.

Everything from Harry Potter to Pride & Prejudice.

Chloe and Oliver from Smallville.

A very odd multifandom one that seems tailored to a particular fan’s favorite shows/movies. It was a little too choppy for me to watch due to flashing or quickly moving images triggering migraines, but what I watched seemed interesting if only for the mish-mash of contents. Enchanted, The Notebook, Beauty & the Beast, Anastasia, Peter Pan, Pride & Prejudice, things I don’t even know what they are, and so on.

Another multifandom vid.



The original:


Watching: Vividcon (Only Not) – You by lolachrome

First, before we get started with today’s blog post, I’m very happy with THIS REVIEW of Earthly Desires from jeayci at Reviews by Jessewave! 4.5 out of 5 stars!

“Once upon a time, there was an m/m romance that with its first paragraph transported me to that magical realm of fairy tales. This story is beautifully written, almost lyrical in its flow, like the fairy tales of yore. This was a light (ha!), fun, engaging story. Great for a beach read, a comfort read; one of those moments you want something you know will make you laugh, smile, and feel good.”

Read the rest of the review and, if you haven’t already done so, I won’t stop you if you wanted to buy the book. 😉  Now on to a beautiful vid!


I’m not linking to Lola’s Vividcon video (yet) because the vid that she released just before she left for the con is breathtaking. For the record, I don’t watch Glee (anymore) but I still thought this vid was not only gorgeous but also spoke volumes about the character of Kurt. However, what really got to me was the way it spoke on a meta-level to the difficulty still attached to achieving one’s dreams when a person doesn’t perfectly fit the gender stereotypes. Yet, Kurt is resilient…his love may be too big for us yet, but he doesn’t quit. There he goes again.

Title: You
Summary: My love’s too big for you my love. A Kurt character study, with help from Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, and Lady Gaga, to name just a few.
Warning: Spoilers through Season 3

Links of interest about this vid:
1) This vid was dedicated to the life of Alex Doty who passed away. Lola links to his work of analyzing Glee.
2) Annotations and credits as well as other information on the making and inspiration of the video.
3) The video on Archive of Our Own
4) Kurt and the Casting Couch— To quote this amazing analysis:

The central contradiction at work here was the assertion that Kurt could not be an object of erotic attraction for women and girls, when in fact, beyond Glee’s textual confines, the opposite is true. Female (and many gay-identifying) fans eroticize Kurt/Chris Colfer constantly — more than any other character on Glee – at his concerts and in countless online fan sites. Kurt/Chris is a nexus of identification and desire for fans worldwide, and it is precisely his unique blend of feminine and masculine characteristics – his genderqueerness– that audiences find erotic about him. It is also what cultural authorities find discomfiting. Colfer is both feminine and an out gay man, and his popularity proves that his femininity and gayness do not preclude his eroticization; fan reactions to Colfer are notably not those of mere “tolerance” or “acceptance” but rather of passionate love and unbridled enthusiasm for the new queer erotics that he embodies.


My favorite parts:

1. The opening. Because, really, how delicately she prepares our brain for the introduction of additional/older source material.
2. The Hepburn moments, the James Dean red jacket, the Gene Kelley and Fred Astaire all mixed up with Kurt and Blaine, and, gosh, okay, just the whole thing. There’s not a bum note in this video.

If you watched, I’d love to hear your thoughts, or for you to share your favorite parts in the comments below. 🙂