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Gimme Fanfic for The Rifter Series by Ginn Hale #amreading #fandom

Book One

I finished The Rifter Series by Ginn Hale the other day and now my mind is consumed with two questions:

1) Where is the movie deal/HBO miniseries?
2) Where is the fandom?

In all seriousness, though, where is the fandom for this book series? I went to AO3 and do you know how many fics I found for this amazing series? None. Zero. Nada. Zip.

How is that possible?

My mind is currently full of fanfic ideas that I want to read about. Let’s think them over.


1. PWPs. Hello? Fans? The sex scenes were basically all fade to black, y’all. Hit me with some gorgeous, intense, emotional full-on sexual intercourse between our heroes. Or make up some didn’t-happen-in-canon sex between our enemies. Whatever suits your fancy!

2. Rousma! I am obsessed with Rousma! First, let’s think about the Nayeshi incarnation who was left behind in the woods. What happened to her? Did she poof out of existence when Umbhra’ibaye burned and Jath’ibaye’s timeline of Rousma was not carried off by Khalil? What about her life in the meantime? She was so crafty. What did she do in Nayeshi? I’m imagining some morbid possibility where she finds a human body to inhabit.

3. Rousma in the Jath’ibaye timeline. Does she stay permanently a child since she was but a child when her soul was bound to her bones? If so, would she ever, I don’t know, creep into the body of a dead child and then go live with its parents’? Either because she liked the parents or because she wanted to be in a human body again? I mean, Rousma sort of shares Ravishan’s sharp edges, doesn’t she? I can see her doing something creepy like that.

4. Ah, man, the possible AUs! What would have happened if the note had said “Do” and Kahlil actually got it? What would have happened if they’d never received a note at all, and Kahlil and John moved into a different sort of relationship on earth? Under what circumstances would Kahlil have allowed himself to fall in love with John and, ya know, touch him? What about a genderswitch? What if John and Ravishan were female?

(I’m actually obsessed with how this entire book would read differently if every single character in it were the opposite sex. I’d love to see what that looked like. I mean, would I find Ravishan so incredibly awesome/adorable/amazing/charming/lovable if he were a woman? What would his actions look like from that point of view? What about Laurie? Were she a man, how would I react to her scenes? God, I really kind of want to find a way to read this book with the genders flipped. You know, after I read it again the way it is now. 😀 Do you think I could get a PhD on that analysis?)

5. Laurie and Fikiri. I would love to see more of what their relationship was like. I hesitate to criticize any aspect of these books because they are basically holy to me at this point, ha, but I admit that at a certain point, about 50% of the way through the last book, I realized that I wasn’t going to get what I wanted with regards to Laurie or Fikiri. I understood how and why they’d become so twisted, broken, and desperate, but I guess I wanted to see an evolution of that from the point of her rescue from Umbhra’ibaye to the end-game scenes. I’d like to know more about her relationship with Fikiri especially. He was in love with her, but what were her feelings for him in the end? I suppose the only way to communicate that to us would have been through a kind of info dump, but given Kyle’s last experience of Laurie was over bacon and eggs at a diner, it seemed like a conversation could have been had where we could have been shown more of Laurie’s story. But maybe I’m greedy and just want more, more, more, more of everything about this series! Thus! Feel free to write fanfiction about Laurie and Fikiri, about how they related to each other in the decades between the Umbhra’ibaye rescue and the end-game scenes. I’d read it! I promise!

6.. M-Preg. Because there is no fandom without m-preg, people! It is a true thing! And, fine, yes, I’ll cop to it, the idea of Ravishan knocked up by some weird Kahlil/Rifter magic is too hilarious for me to resist considering despite the fact that we all know m-preg is an abomination. Just imagine Ravishan (poor Ravishan) faced with such an abomination. And surely someone out there would write it? Surely. I mean, there’s no compliment to an author quite like loving her/his creation enough to go the whole damned m-preg route, am I right? 😉 Ha!

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1. The Shattered Gates
2. Servants of the Crossed Arrows
3. Black Blades
4. Witches’ Blood
5. The Holy Road
6. Broken Fortress
7. Enemies and Shadows
8. The Silent City
9. The Iron Temple
10. His Holy Bones