5 Stars for A Willful Romantic by Darrah Glass #amreading #sogood

A Willful Romantic (Ganymede Quartet Book 3)A Willful Romantic by Darrah Glass
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My absolute favorite in the series so far. I grinned so much and so long while reading this that my face hurt for hours afterward. The pace of this book seems to pick up and it moves like a train on a track from one interesting event/circumstance to the next. I loved that as I read, I got more and more wrapped up, and that as we approached the climax of this book, I was so anxious and eager simultaneously that I felt a little light-headed. Henry and Martin just get to me. They get under my skin and make me so happy. Henry is a dork in the best way and Martin is his most perfect support. I love their adolescent EMOSHUNS and the sense that they are probably not entirely unique in their situation but are too dumb/scared to find out. The continued presence of Henry’s Uncle Reggie in this book gives us a breath of fresh air and hope, just like it does for Henry. I loved everything about this book and will read it again when I’m having a down day. It’s going to be the comfort-read of the series, I can tell that much! It just makes me so damn happy!

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holiday stories & upcoming releases | @Darrah_Glass #newrelease #ganymede

So thrilled that Darrah Glass has announced more books in the Ganymede Quartet series will be coming out this month! OMG! YAAASSSSS.

“They’re not a holiday books, per se, but the second Ganymede Quartet book, A Proper Lover GQ Book 2, and the accompanying Martin POV short story, A Master’s Fidelity GQ Book 2.5, do cover the fall and winter holidays quite thoroughly.”

read more about it via holiday stories & upcoming releases | Darrah Glass.


Unf! She nails it! This is what I loved, too! | Anne-Marie’s review of A Most Personal Property by @Darrah_Glass

“Darrah has captured very well how severely a boy can repress and fear his sexuality. It was heart breaking at times. Henry is a passionate, sensitive, giving boy who has a strong moral compass that none of his peers have. When he finally shows Martin his true self, it was such a victory over himself. A powerful, exhilirating scene, my instant favourite. Martin, I adore. He is an innocent, generous, loving soul. He is tremendously professional in his role as a companion and I was amazed by his composure every time Henry turned him away. Together, they are endearing.

The dynamic between a master and his slave fascinated me and there is much still to explore. There’s Martin’s servitude, who almost leaves himself out of the equation, and there’s fair-minded Henry, who can’t make himself order Martin around or abuse his right of power as so many of his peers do. There’s the longing to be equal, to be treated as a man instead of a master, a person instead of a slave, when none of that is acceptable in the outside world. And there’s a master expected to take a wife once he’s of age and a companion who can’t afford to get romantic feelings.

Reading this is like wrapping yourself up in a soft blanket, in front of a roaring fire with an amazing glass of wine and getting lost in another world for a while. I’m ready for that world to continue. Bring on book 2.”

via Goodreads | Anne-Marie Netherlands’s review of A Most Personal Property.

Unf. So good!
Unf. So good!