Writer Wednesday: Kate Davies and Most Likely To Succeed

Most Likely Succeed Cover

What are your names? And tell us a little about yourselves?

Kelsey: My name’s Kelsey Moore, and I’m…kind of floundering right now, to be honest. Back in high school I was really driven – they even voted me Most Likely To Succeed. But when my dad bailed on the family and our flower shop was about to go under, I turned down my scholarship and stayed to help out. Ten years later, and I’m still there, no college, no job mobility, and certainly no success. Is it any wonder I want to avoid the reunion if at all possible?

Nathan: I’m Nathan Barrow, and I haven’t been back in my hometown since graduation. I’ve been working all over the world as a water systems designer for an international relief organization. My ten year high school reunion seemed like a good opportunity to get back in touch with the people I knew back then, especially my lab partner, Kelsey. I’ve always wondered what happened to her, and can’t wait to catch up.

How did you meet? Was it love at first sight?

Kelsey: I’ve had a crush on Nathan since, oh, forever. But nothing ever came of it, mostly because he was just so focused on his studies. I was, too, of course, but that didn’t keep me from checking him out.

Nathan: Love at first sight? Um, no. We were just buddies, lab partners. Kelsey was my closest friend. It wasn’t until I saw her at the reunion that my feeling started to change.

What do you believe is your worst or most frustrating quality? What about his/hers?

Kelsey: I’m kind of an Eeyore, always focusing on the negative side of things. I should be more positive. As for Nathan, he has this irritating habit of trying to fix things.

Nathan: I’m not the most observant person, at least when it comes to interpersonal skills. I get caught up in whatever I’m working on and tend to miss the nuances. Kelsey is way too hard on herself. She doesn’t see how amazing she is.

What is your best quality? What about his/hers?

Kelsey: I’m fiercely loyal. Nathan is smart, driven, and an all around good guy. I mean, really? He could be making tons of money in the private sector, but he’s working for a relief organization instead.

Nathan: I’m pretty supportive of people. Whatever makes them happy and fulfilled, I’m in favor of it. And Kelsey? She’s one of the brightest, most fascinating people I’ve ever met. I love watching her mind work.

If you could have one wish come true, what would it be and why?

Kelsey: I’d love to be the person that Nathan sees me as.

Nathan: I wish Kelsey and I could find a way to work together again, both personally and professionally. We worked as lab partners – I know we could work as partners in every sense of the world.


What makes your current offering a different and compelling read?

To me, what sets The Girls Most Likely To… apart from everything else I’ve written is the way they intertwine. Most trilogies follow one after the other, where the second book picks up sometime after the first book ends. In this series, all three novellas are set over the same weekend, so the three couples interact throughout all three books. (So a couple interacting at the bar in one book will be observed by another couple in the second book, and the third couple will hear about it later!) It was challenging to find ways to intertwine the storylines without being repetitious – and all the books had to stand on their own, as well. But I love the way they turned out!

How do you juggle writing and working outside the home? Or how do you juggle writing and your family life? Or writing, working, and family life?

Ummm…lack of sleep? 🙂 It’s definitely a challenge. I’ve got a very active family, a full time job, and the writing. I find that I work better when I have deadlines, because otherwise, it’s too easy for writing time to fall to the wayside. I’ve also gotten very adept at writing in the car, whether as a passenger or while waiting in the parking lot for practice to be over.

What’s next for you?

Well, books two and three are coming out in April and May, so readers can find out what happens to Bree and Marc, and Tess and Nathan. After that, I’m finishing up a rodeo novella for submission, and deciding which of my other projects I want to tackle next.

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Book one in The Girls Most Likely to…

Ten years after being voted Most Likely to Succeed, Kelsey Moore is still living in her hometown, still working in her family’s flower shop, and too embarrassed to attend her high school reunion. Only the chance to reconnect with her study buddy—and secret crush—Nathan Barrow tempts her to go.

Nathan isn’t sure why he came back for the reunion after spending the past decade working abroad. But when he runs into his former lab partner, Kelsey, he’s sure glad he did. The chemistry between them is as potent as ever, and when she offers him a weekend of wild, no-strings-attached sex, Nathan knows he’d be a fool to say no.

Nathan can’t be tied to one place for long. But the more time they spend together—in and out of bed—the more Kelsey wonders if their reunion could become something more permanent. That is, if Nathan is still interested when he finds out she’s been less than honest with him about her life since graduation…