Sizzling Arctic Fire! A hot #gay military novella from Keira Andrews! Plus 16 sizzling other stories!

From the link below:

“Meet Jack and Kin from my novella Arctic Fire.

Haunted by what he lost in Afghanistan, Captain Jack Turner is at a crossroads. A routine mission to the Arctic gets him out from behind his boring new desk, but he starts off on the wrong foot with the Canadian Ranger guiding him across the forbidding and dangerous land. Jack doesn’t know where he belongs, but he’d rather be anywhere than sharing a tent with Sergeant Kin Carsen.

The Arctic is in Kin’s blood, and he can’t seem to leave the tundra behind. He wishes he could live openly as a gay man, but the north isn’t as accepting as the rest of Canada. Although he’s lonely, he’s proud of his responsibility as a Ranger, patrolling the vast land he knows so well. But he’s on unfamiliar ground with Jack, and when they’re stranded alone by a blizzard, unexpected desire begins to burn. Soon they’re locked in a struggle to survive, and all these strangers have is each other.”

Click the following link to read an excerpt of Keira’s new novella! And, in even better news, there are going to be 16 sizzling gay military men stories for only 99 cents!.

Announcing a New Series and a New Book


I’m excited to be able to finally announce some very exciting (to me) news! Keira Andrews and I are co-writing a new series of books–Tempting Tales–for Ellora’s Cave. Last fall I did some editing work for Keira on her latest novel, The Chimera Affair, and we enjoyed working with each other so much that we decided to team up on a new line of erotic m/m novellas inspired by fairy and folk tales.

Our vision is that the original legends are a jumping-off point for stories that will take on a life of their own and not merely be the same tales with two male protagonists instead of princesses and damsels. Our tales will not be modernized, but in keeping with the fairy tale tone and style. Some will be whimsical and light, while others darker. All will feature smokin’ hot man sex and happily ever afters.

Just in case you were wondering, this is what I look like when I’m writing. It’s very glamorous.

We’re excited to let you know that the first book in this series will be released soon. The novella is titled “Earthly Desires“, and it is based on the Scottish tale of “The Light Princess”, made famous by George MacDonald. More information will be forthcoming and we’re looking forward to sharing more with you as soon as we have more information on when the book will be available. In the meantime, I’m excited to be able to share the cover (by the wonderful Kendra Egert) with you now!


Keira and I are very inspired by this concept and excited about the series. We can’t wait to bring you more books with fairy and folk tale themes in the future, and we hope you’ll come along to fairyland with us!

What’s your favourite fairy tale? Let us know!