Five Stars and Five Stars and My Heart! #mmromance #amreading

Two preliminary reviews of Training Season were posted at Goodreads over the last few days. I’m completely thrilled with both of them!

Amelia Gormley gave the book 5 stars and said:

What an amazing book. Where do I even begin?

Matty. I love that he is so unapologetically femme. He totally owns who he is and that is amazing. But he’s also a very flawed character, in the best possible way. He’s bitchy and selfish and immature at times. But he’s so damn passionate about everything that you just have to adore him.

Rob. If he has one flaw as a character, it’s that he’s a little too perfect and could use a couple flaws. But he’s also the perfect stabilizing, grounding thing Matty needs in his life.

The story. At times it was so hilarious I literally LOLed and other times I literally wept. It took me across the entire emotional spectrum. I love that there were no easy solutions to the dilemma Matty faced, no pat, perfect way he could have it all without sacrificing something. And I love that this book goes a route many wouldn’t, and demonstrates that even when you do make the sacrifices and give something your all, sometimes it’s still not enough. The side characters were well constructed, each having their own subtle influence on the MCs without ever being heavy-handed.

And all of this was delivered in Leta’s smooth, flawless prose. I don’t know how she does it. I envy her the knack for it. She manages to be descriptive without becoming flowery, and there are never any moments (as there almost always are with other authors) where I read a sentence or a paragraph and it just feels clunky and takes me out of the story. She’s truly one of the best authors I’ve read in this genre.

Now, in the interest of transparency, Leta is a friend of mine and I read an earlier incarnation of this book years ago. That said, it’s still an amazing book, and even better for the changes and additions she’s made. Nothing I’ve said in this review has been sugar-coated; every word is 100% true and I would make all these same statements about this book if it were written by a complete stranger.

Anyway, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

You can imagine the joyous smiles that nearly split my face in two while I was simultaneously crying with happiness. I likely looked insane.

Meanwhile, Keira Andrews gave it five stars and says:

Training Season is a compelling romance that skillfully blends elements of sports, ranching, coming of age and a scorching sub/dom relationship. I rooted so hard for Matty and Rob to find their happily ever after despite the odds. Matty is a flawed hero who is at turns determined, immature, strong, insecure and loving. As he struggles to make his figure skating dreams come true, he discovers who he really is through his challenges in rural Montana (a gorgeous setting that feels like another character in the book) and his relationship with rancher Rob and the unexpected depth of their feelings for each other. 

The sex is emotionally raw and physically demanding. Matty and Rob explore elements of BDSM and push boundaries. Some scenes could be controversial with readers, but I certainly couldn’t put the book down. Fascinating and powerful stuff!

The colourful supporting characters are expertly drawn and flushed out. I’d love to see more from Bill and Angus in particular. (Hint, hint!) I was swept away by Matty’s journey of discovery and his struggle to find his way in the world as his dreams collided with reality. This was such a richly satisfying read, and something different and unique in the M/M genre. I highly recommend! (Note: I helped with the editing of this book and it was a pleasure to see it evolve.)

So, so, so thrilled by the connection Keira felt to the book and her glowing review touched me deeply.

In addition, I’ve received two private emails that absolutely blew me away with their thoughtful praise and serious contemplation of the book. I can’t quote from them, obviously, since they were private, but they did leave me all verklempt and full of surprised joy.

In other words? I’m getting a little excited and maybe hopeful about this book going out into the world. Training Season’s launch date will be December 7th! I can’t wait!

Coming December 7th!