Amelia C. Gormley & Marie Sexton on Adult Children of Alcoholics « The Novel Approach

“It’s hard to admit to ourselves (and even harder to admit to anybody else!) that what we want and need most is for the merry-go-round ride to just END. That feels so brutally cold-hearted. And yet, the thought of having the cycle continue is just more than we can bear.”

via Amelia C. Gormley And Marie Sexton Are Our Guests Today On The “Saugatuck Summer” Blog Tour « The Novel Approach.


Please click through on the above link to read Amelia Gormley and Marie Sexton’s discussion of life as adult children of alcoholics and how that has informed a couple of their characters.

Amelia’s reading from Saugatuck Summer at #RainbowCon 2014 #mmromance

I was the camera woman for Amelia’s reading from her upcoming book, Saugatuck Summer, at Rainbow Con. She did a good job and the book, as usual, sounds wonderful! Check it out!

The fiction of Amelia C. Gormley

Today I had my reading at RainbowCon and I selected two excerpts from near the middle of Saugatuck Summer, where the affair Topher has been having with his BFF’s married, closeted father is coming to an end.

One month until Saugatuck Summer releases!

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