SEXcerpt and Reader’s Choice Giveaway! Leta Blake is at Diverse Reader with a cut sex scene from Training Complex! #free #gay

Head on over to Diverse Reader for a SEXcerpt and a reader's choice giveaway!
Head on over to Diverse Reader for a SEXcerpt and a reader’s choice giveaway!

Click through HERE to read a cut sex scene from Training Complex and to participate in a rafflecopter for a reader’s choice giveaway! Any of my books are available to one lucky winner!

As a tease, I’ll start the scene off for you here!

Warning: 18+ readership and mildly spoilery for the issues in the book as a whole, as well as a particular kink.

Matty sat on the toilet and shook the cock cage, rattling it to the best of his ability. The vibration of the lock on the polycarbonate resonated against his straining flesh but it gave him no relief.  “Fuck, fuck,” he whispered, needing more stimulation, needing anything that would take his mind off his desperate need to come.

He’d never, ever felt so horny in his life. He knew this was true because while every single hour since putting on the cock cage had consisted of escalating horniness, rising unbearably moment-to-moment, but the fact that he’d been so overwhelmed at a dinner with Anja and Ben, of all people, that he’d had to leave the table and frantically, uselessly masturbate in the toilet stall said it all. Hands down, it was both the most horny and most mortified he’d ever been. Well, maybe failing at the Olympics was worse. Or that time with Rob and the toilet in Montana, but that had ended up being weirdly intimate. Oh, God, he didn’t need to think about anything intimate.

“Matty?” Rob’s voice preceded the fall of his footsteps and the sound of the bathroom door swinging shut. “You okay in here?”

“I’m fine.”

“What’s taking so long?”

Matty looked down at his dick, pressed hard and miserably against the polycarbonate cock cage, and then at his swollen, aching balls, already so full of unreleased spunk. Fuck, he needed to come.”



I want to be Leta Blake when I grow up! *sigh* I always need to sit back and decompress after reading one of her books. Where do I begin here? Okay, Training Complex is the sequel to Training Season. We join Matty and Rob in New York. Matty is coaching figure skating and Rob is a PT. These two love like no others. Leta brings that all consuming, old fashioned, From Here to Eternity feel to the love they have. Of course on a hotness scale it just explodes. SO HOT! They have a BDSM relationship and I want to buy Leta a huge ass drink for getting it right. You want to know how BDSM works? THIS, HERE. She knows what she’s talking about. She addresses SO many issues in this book, Disordered eating, depression, anxiety. And it’s breathtaking. I love reading her books because it’s like being wrapped in a blanket of perfection. There are a million layers to her plots, and her characters. She flows through it brilliantly and it feels almost effortless. Training Complex is the perfect balance of angst, happiness, love, loss, and fear. Leta brings them together in a way that you are left truly content. Bravo, Leta. Another 5 star story!
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