A Post of Love for LolaWaldorf – My FAVORITE FanVidder EVER #florence+themachine #sherlock #glee #borgias #supernatural

I’m a fangirl. Anyone who has known me long must know this fact about me. I love my favorite media quite violently. As it turns out, I’m also a fangirl of fellow fangirls. LolaWaldorf makes my all-time favorite fanvideos because:

a) They are never common.

b) They are always intelligent and are saying something much bigger than just the surface.

c) They are surprising, beautifully edited, and always, always, always hers. You can detect a Lola vid just by her vidding style alone.

d) They take me out of the words in my head and just fill me with feeling. I can’t even really talk about the vids. They just stand entirely on their own.

My top five favorite vids of hers.

1) Glee: Kurt – My love’s too big for you my love.

2) This multifandom piece of brilliance that makes me just flail. Incorporating pieces of other fanvids made to the same song, it’s Florence as the fangirl/boy being devastated by media.

3) Borgias: I walked because you walked

4) Supernatural: Vesuvius – My ALL-TIME favorite video. No one but Lola would’ve made something this brilliant.

5) Sherlock: Rococo – They seem wild but they are so deep.


Fanwork Friday: Signature Blends

So, you’re a big nutty fan of tea? And a big nutty fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender? Well, just your luck. At Adagio.com you can get a signature tea blend made just for your air…water…fire…earth…I-believe-that-Aaag-can-save-the-world tastes.


With the calming sweet florals of chamomile and lavender paired with the tart fruit flavours of bergamot and cherry. This blend is fun and free spirited with a kick for the avatar inside. a soothing tea good for inward reflection

And, hey, if you ‘ship Aang with Katara? You’re in extra luck, because you can “let their love steep in your cupboard and get 20% off when you purchase both 3oz pouches”.


Or maybe Zuko is your guy? What with all of his honor and his teen-flavored man-pain. (Lord knows he’s my favorite.) Well, you can totally drink your fill of his lost-and-found honor, my friends.


THIS TEA TASTES OF CONFUSION AND ANGST. But deliciously so with the flavours of one of my favourite desserts, it will be sure to help you look within yourself to save yourself from your other self and help your true self reveal itself so you can deal with those peksy internal demons and reclaim your honor. Or at least forget about things for a moment while you drink this yummy tea reminiscent of chocolate passionfruit cake and vanilla ice cream.

They also have blends for Sokka, Azula, Iroh, and Toph. The reviews for the blends are interesting, too. They seem to be pretty good teas. I’ve never tried any. If I did, I’d probably go for one of the Teen Wolf blends.

Such as:


Don’t let his scowly face put you off, there is some sweet under that surly exterior! Far from sour, this blend is fresh and apply. The aroma is rich like apple pie and cinnamon with a swirl of warm vanilla. With a clean fresh finish it’s a perfect fall tea!

Or maybe:

Or possibly:

It’s your type, honest! Let it try to convince you. 😉 Earl Grey Bravo is a delicious Adagio favorite, the honeybush vanilla cuts the strong Earl Grey with a rich touch of sweetness. The blood orange highlights the citrus flavor of the Earl Grey very nicely.

And, guys, there are so many fandom blends available! There’s Lord of the Rings blends, True Blood blends, Mortal Instruments blends, Vampire Diaries blends, Buffy blends, Sailor Moon, Sherlock, My Little Pony! I mean, guys, they’ve got tea for it all! Go check it out!


What’s amazing to me, aside from the clear dedication these fans to have both tea and their show, is the fan art. Especially the Teen Wolf fan art. The person making this tea blend not only went to the trouble to taste test each blend to make sure it was good, but also designed beautiful fan art for the blends. I’m really impressed.

Watching: Vividcon — Anything for Love by astolat and Speranza


If you’re a fan of television or movies, especially if you’re one of those fans, then you’re probably aware that Vividcon took place a few weeks ago. And where there is Vividcon, there are great vids! I thought I’d do a series highlighting some of my favorites that came out of the convention.

Title: Anything for Love by astolat and Speranza
Summary: I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that! …oh, all right. (Vividcon 2012 Premiere)
My thoughts: A meta, multi-fandom vid focusing on the experience fans and fandom, their passionate and ultimately fickle nature, and the extent fans will go to for their love of characters (and pairings and fandom and fannish creations and sharing the love). If you have ever shared a fannish love (obsession) with any one, then you might know what it’s like to be Thelma and Louise going over that cliff. (“Let’s make that vid! Write that fanfic! Create that art! Whoosh! Plummet! Over the edge!”) As the vidders themselves put it–fans sometimes feel ‘dubconned’ into their big, massive, fannish emotions, and this video captures that so well.

Links of interest about this vid:
1) Annotations and credits as well as other information on the making and inspiration of the video.
2. The video on Archive of Our Own

My favorite parts:

1) I love that it’s multifandom. How hilarious/sad/something is it that I know every single source used in this, and have been fannish about several?
2) I adore the big, fat red X over Tumblr (I won’t do that) and how it just dissolves under the heat of fannish love (oh, all right, I’ll do that).
3) I love that the fickle nature of fandom is captured with Thor looking so betrayed at the end when the fans get distracted by Magic Mike, and Loki comforting him. “But, brother, why do they not want to write stories about our angsty, epic, not-really-incest-but-not-really-not-incest love anymore?” “It will be okay, Thor. Shh. It will be okay.”
4. I absolutely love how they’ve captured the gleeful, delightful, whimsical, gorgeous, awesome insanity of fandoms with Adam Lambert as Mary Poppins, the Lex Luthor paper dolls, the babies dressed in Star Trek uniforms, and etc.


There is meta in the use of this fanart! 

(by Thunderfrost)


If this post has you thinking, “Fandom? What? Tumblr, huh? What is this crazy stuff? And, really, all this madness,time, effort over movies and tv shows? Why? Why would you spend time on this?” Well, there is a post coming your way soon about how movies and television are important media, worthy of study, and that how people interact with this modern source of story and myth is massively important and amazing. But that day is not today.

In the meantime, go forth and do anything for love, y’all. Just don’t…do that. (Oh, all right. Do that.)

Want to Make Money? Give Them What They Want. Problem Solved.

In recent months, I’ve had a mish-mash of conversations with various people about some media related things that continue to baffle and confuse me. I cannot claim that all ideas within this post originated inside my own head. No doubt some of these thoughts were first espoused by another person participating in the discussion, but I don’t know that any of them actually want the attribution anyway. So, forging ahead!


The worldwide television and movie industry have put their money and energy on shutting down online downloads, branding the people who download their shows as criminals (which perhaps they are; I don’t want to argue that point), and deciding that the thing to do is to try to shut down their behavior by enlisting the help of IP Providers. Here’s what I don’t get:


And, no, I don’t mean just give them content for free. What I mean is, why not meet their actual needs/demands/wants and make a killing? I have as yet to see an earnest attempt from the industry to actually provide the public with what they want, instead they are trying to say, “No, you can only have what you want in the ways that we say you can have it, because the content is ours, ours, ours.” Well, fine, yes, it’s yours, yours, yours, but do you know nothing about human nature? People want what they want when they want it. If you find a way to give them that? You make money.

I remain utterly baffled by the industry’s unwillingness to face the future, stop trying to control the way people want their content delivered, and find a way to give them what they actually want.

He just wants to watch Sherlock right now, before he gets spoiled on Tumblr, ffs!

What do your customers want?

a) They want content now.

Did Sherlock just go off the air on the BBC in England fifteen minutes ago? Guess what? People in the States want it now. They don’t want it in a year when it comes on BBC America, or whatever. They don’t want it in two hours. They want access to it now. And it’s not just people in the States. It’s folks in Germany, Australia, Japan, Canada, South America, etc, the world over!

So, wow. Here’s an idea. Provide them with your show now! Don’t make them wait. Because guess, what? Hackers gonna hack. They’re smarter than you. They’ve proved that again and again, and they will find a way around your attempts to strong arm them into being spoon fed your content on your schedule.

So, a hint to the wise! Stop saying, “That’s entitled behavior! You’re not entitled to my content! I can give it to you how I want because it is mine!” Okay, fine. That’s how you want to play it? All right. Then don’t be surprised when you have people stealing your product instead of obtaining it legally from you. Is it right for them to steal it? No. But you know what? People don’t always do the right thing, and many billions of dollars have been made by providing people with alternate ways of getting what they want without breaking a law. Figure that out.

b) They want content when they want it, whenever they want it, or even weeks from now.

They don’t want content to disappear on them. They live in a busy world. They have all the other input in their lives coming to them on demand, and they want their television the same way.

For example, in the U.S., ABC allows for people to watch some of their shows legally via streaming on their site. This is flawed in several ways — one, they make you wait to watch the show. You can’t see it as soon as it has aired on the television. But, more importantly, they only allow six episodes of any show up at one time. But there’s a problem. Some people get busy for months on end, and then when they want to legally catch up with their show? They can’t because ABC has taken down the episodes from the beginning of the season. They have to wait until the season comes out on DVD. Meanwhile, their friends at the water cooler or on Facebook are going on and on about how Once Upon A Time was amazeballs last night, omg, and next thing you know someone’s illegally downloading something.

I maintain that had there been a reasonable option for that content, one that actually met the wants of the content-provider’s customers, a person wouldn’t even be tempted to do that kind of thing.


Why not provide your customers what they want? More importantly, what is so hard to understand about what they want? Why does the industry act like they simply can’t figure out how to deliver the goods or how people want their content delivered? Technologically there is nothing to stop them from meeting their customer’s desires for immediate content that doesn’t disappear. It is possible, so make it happen! It’s as though the industry thinks that people are out there saying, “I just love stealing! Eeee!” And, sure, probably a few are, but the majority would like a legal way to have their wants/needs met in terms of media delivery.

It has always been my understanding that business is about finding out what people want — and then giving it to them! Instead, what we’re seeing with the dinosaur of the television and movie industry is that they’re trying to control what people want. That doesn’t work. It simply does not work, and the sooner they figure that out, the sooner they can start to make money instead of being the victims of theft.

The industry must willing to let go of the revenue stream they had planned so as to have the revenue stream that is waiting for them.

So, television and movie industry! Take note! More than 99% of people who download do not get some gleeful joy out of stealing something they’re not supposed to have access to. Most of them just want what they want, when they want it, and, yes, that’s entitled, but stop giving a damn about that, and find a way to make money by providing them with your content now. Stop trying to prosecute and criminalize and control, and instead embrace your customer and give him/her big sloppy wet kisses full of what they want. Surely that can’t be so very damn hard.

And then, everyone wins.