Sister Songs: 500 Miles & A Sorta Fairytale

In my last Sister Songs post, I talked about two songs that I feel like are the same character at different points in their life. (I actually think Curtain Call is also that character.) But this time, I feel like these are two alternate takes on the same event, like the same character taking the same journey, covering the same exact days, but in one take they are “a sorta fairytale” kind of days and in the other they have a more positive spin.

500 Miles

A Sorta Fairytale

Sister Songs – Lady In Blue/16 Shades of Blue by Tori Amos #music #toriamos

Sometimes I feel like Tori Amos writes songs that are sisters to each other, or possibly they are the same song character showing up at different places and times, aged, changed, morphed. For example, Lady In Blue and 16 Shades of Blue. I’m pretty sure 16 Shades of Blue happened first in the timeline of this character’s life, despite being recorded later, and that Lady In Blue is the same character a few months or years down the line.

16 Shades of Blue


Lady In Blue