A Post of Love for LolaWaldorf – My FAVORITE FanVidder EVER #florence+themachine #sherlock #glee #borgias #supernatural

I’m a fangirl. Anyone who has known me long must know this fact about me. I love my favorite media quite violently. As it turns out, I’m also a fangirl of fellow fangirls. LolaWaldorf makes my all-time favorite fanvideos because:

a) They are never common.

b) They are always intelligent and are saying something much bigger than just the surface.

c) They are surprising, beautifully edited, and always, always, always hers. You can detect a Lola vid just by her vidding style alone.

d) They take me out of the words in my head and just fill me with feeling. I can’t even really talk about the vids. They just stand entirely on their own.

My top five favorite vids of hers.

1) Glee: Kurt – My love’s too big for you my love.

2)¬†This multifandom piece of brilliance that makes me just flail. Incorporating pieces of other fanvids made to the same song, it’s Florence as the fangirl/boy being devastated by media.

3) Borgias: I walked because you walked

4) Supernatural: Vesuvius – My ALL-TIME favorite video. No one but Lola would’ve made something this brilliant.

5) Sherlock: Rococo – They seem wild but they are so deep.


28 Days of Holiday Music: Day 12: Sister Winter & Fanwork Friday


More Sufjan original Christmas songs at this link.

You might be asking yourself, “What does the tv show Supernatural and Sufjan’s Sister Winter have to do with each other?” Let Lola explain it to you in the awesome fanvideo below. I think you’ll love it as much as I do even if you don’t watch the show…which, uh, I don’t.

I’ll probably say it again in another post with a Sufjan Steven’s christmas song, but the dude is really into Christmas, okay?


No, really, he’s super duper into Christmas.

People seem to really like his original compositions as well as his nutball covers of standards/traditional hymns. And a lot of his original Christmas songs are already being covered by some pretty well known people, like Tracey Thorn of Everything But The Girl fame. (And I miss you…like the deserts miss the rain! And I love Traceyyyyy, yeah, like the deserts love the rain!)

And here is a lovely little cover from some internet folks named Leia and Pat.

I actually really love the above cover when I just listen to it and don’t watch it. For some reason watching takes away some of the magic for me, but it’s really lovely when I’m just listening.

You can buy Sufjan’s original or Tracey Thorn’s cover HERE.