Five Shuffled Songs For Today! Syd, Stratton, Barber, and More! #music

A few weeks ago, I talked about doing a five songs post every day, but I quickly realized that would get super-spammy super-fast. So, I decided just to do a five songs post, a la Eric Arvin on Facebook, when I felt inspired to do so! I feel inspired today!

So, I’m pulling up my iTunes and I’m hitting shuffle! Let’s go!


Here I Go by Syd Barrett
(Shine on you, Crazy Diamond!)

Now It’s Gone by Casey Stratton
(From my favorite of Casey’s albums, Signs of Life)


One More Time by Jill Barber


Never Said by Liz Phair
(from the ever and always awesome Exile in Guyville. Oh, Liz, what happened to you? Does anyone know if her latest album was decent? I mean, is it wrong that I have endless hope that she’ll eventually return to her original form to some degree?)


Glitter in the Air by Pink

What an odd set of five songs. Interesting. And there we go! Five songs for today!