Fanworks Friday: I’m Not A Hero by Gabi #teenwolf #stiles #allison

I am not certain because Tumblr is sometimes confusing with attributions, but I think this art is by drragons.

Allison has really become one of my favorites and a truly kick-ass heroine in so many ways. Any flaws she has I attribute to Jeff Davis and his lack of skills in storytelling, not to the character herself. I don’t usually do that, but when it comes to Jeff Davis, I do. The guy can’t write his way out of a paperbag…that he wrote himself into. But I still love the show. Though Jeff thinks emotional continuity (or continuity of any kind) is for losers, apparently. Whatever, whatever, watch this gorgeous vid below by Gabbi. If Allison isn’t enough of a draw for you, it’s also got Stiles. And who doesn’t love Stiles? The end.

I’m Not a Hero by Gabi
(Stiles + Allison, but not Stiles/Allison)

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Fanworks Friday: Meta from Ladyw1nter, Incorporates Film Theory

LadyW1inter has posted a fantastic meta piece exploring why one particular character/story interpretation can, in her opinion, be backed up by meta analysis of the filming choices made during certain key scenes.

Warning! Spoilers for the finale of season two of Teen Wolf! READ IT HERE!

Check out her commentary here. Whether or not you agree with her, it’s clear that fans give a lot more thought to every single piece of the media they consume and use it to draw conclusions about the characters and the show itself.

Fanwork Friday: Character Inspired Shopping

I think this might be one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen: Character Inspired Shopping by ja_vy. If I had money to burn, I would absolutely buy most of these outfits and commit my life to wearing one character inspired outfit a day until the end of time.

Examples of the awesome:


Greed-ler by ja-vy featuring round sunglasses



Éponine by ja-vy featuring a news boy hat



Merlin by stormifish featuring skinny leg jeans


Eleventh Doctor

Eleventh Doctor by ja-vy featuring dorothy perkins


The Little Prince

The Little Prince by ja-vy featuring oska


Kara Thrace

Kara Thrace by ja-vy featuring gold rings


Babar the Elephant

Babar the Elephant by ja-vy featuring saddle oxford shoes


Derek Hale

Derek Hale by ja-vy featuring jersey tops


Jane Bennet

Jane Bennet by ja-vy featuring a sheer dress



Sauron by ja-vy featuring pearl jewelry

I probably should have limited my examples, but there are just too many cool ones and in such diversity that I couldn’t resist!

Fanwork Friday: Eneada

Eneada has done fanart in many fandoms in the past, but I think she’s hit a new height with her recent work in Teen Wolf.

Possibly one of my favorite Teen Wolf fanarts so far. A BAMF Stiles Stilinski. What I wouldn’t pay to see this play out onscreen.

A Game of Thrones/Teen Wolf crossover art piece? Only fandom will bring about this kind of wonderful.


The colors here are wonderful and I enjoy the story the picture tells. Burn it down.


If you enjoy Eneada’s work, you can find more at Deviant Art. I’m not sure if she sells her stuff, but it can’t hurt to ask!

Fanwork Friday: NinaKask

Fanwork Friday! The day I highlight some fanwork that I’ve either admired or learned something from. I love this day!

I stumbled on NinaKask‘s fanwork recently and totally love it. You can go to her Deviant Art page and check out more stuff.

Teen Wolf



If you like her work, definitely check her out on Deviant Art. I think she sells some prints and stuff. 🙂

Fanwork Friday: Signature Blends

So, you’re a big nutty fan of tea? And a big nutty fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender? Well, just your luck. At you can get a signature tea blend made just for your air…water…fire…earth…I-believe-that-Aaag-can-save-the-world tastes.


With the calming sweet florals of chamomile and lavender paired with the tart fruit flavours of bergamot and cherry. This blend is fun and free spirited with a kick for the avatar inside. a soothing tea good for inward reflection

And, hey, if you ‘ship Aang with Katara? You’re in extra luck, because you can “let their love steep in your cupboard and get 20% off when you purchase both 3oz pouches”.


Or maybe Zuko is your guy? What with all of his honor and his teen-flavored man-pain. (Lord knows he’s my favorite.) Well, you can totally drink your fill of his lost-and-found honor, my friends.


THIS TEA TASTES OF CONFUSION AND ANGST. But deliciously so with the flavours of one of my favourite desserts, it will be sure to help you look within yourself to save yourself from your other self and help your true self reveal itself so you can deal with those peksy internal demons and reclaim your honor. Or at least forget about things for a moment while you drink this yummy tea reminiscent of chocolate passionfruit cake and vanilla ice cream.

They also have blends for Sokka, Azula, Iroh, and Toph. The reviews for the blends are interesting, too. They seem to be pretty good teas. I’ve never tried any. If I did, I’d probably go for one of the Teen Wolf blends.

Such as:


Don’t let his scowly face put you off, there is some sweet under that surly exterior! Far from sour, this blend is fresh and apply. The aroma is rich like apple pie and cinnamon with a swirl of warm vanilla. With a clean fresh finish it’s a perfect fall tea!

Or maybe:

Or possibly:

It’s your type, honest! Let it try to convince you. 😉 Earl Grey Bravo is a delicious Adagio favorite, the honeybush vanilla cuts the strong Earl Grey with a rich touch of sweetness. The blood orange highlights the citrus flavor of the Earl Grey very nicely.

And, guys, there are so many fandom blends available! There’s Lord of the Rings blends, True Blood blends, Mortal Instruments blends, Vampire Diaries blends, Buffy blends, Sailor Moon, Sherlock, My Little Pony! I mean, guys, they’ve got tea for it all! Go check it out!


What’s amazing to me, aside from the clear dedication these fans to have both tea and their show, is the fan art. Especially the Teen Wolf fan art. The person making this tea blend not only went to the trouble to taste test each blend to make sure it was good, but also designed beautiful fan art for the blends. I’m really impressed.