There’s Something About Holding An Actual Book #therifter #ginnhale

Look what was waiting for me when I got back from New York City! Now imagine me dancing in my kitchen, clutching these to my chest, and grinning like a maniac in love. Oh, books, I love you like whoa. Never doubt my love for you.


Please go buy them at BLIND EYE BOOKS or BARNES AND NOBLE or AMAZON.

She Threw It Away! #therifter #ginnhale #omgwtf

I wrote The Rifter first but couldn’t find a publisher for it so I moved on to Lord of the White Hell. At one point I threw the entire Rifter manuscript away because it took up too much memory on my rickety old computer. (Fortunately a few copies were still drifting around in my writers group.)

Then Nicole Kimberling, (editor at Blind Eye Books), and Gavin Grant, (owner of started kicking around the idea of publishing a digital serial. Nicole remembered my giant manuscript and realized that it was long enough to run for nearly a year; the massive behemoth was reborn as ten slim volumes.Ginn Hale, Goodreads Interview

Listen, we all know I’m obsessed with The Rifter by Ginn Hale. But, listen, when I read the above paragraphs, I actually nearly burst into tears. Okay, maybe I did burst into tears.

1) The idea that this book was ever thrown away by its creator? That, if there weren’t copies drifting around in her writer’s group, it might have been gone forever? The thought that I might not have had the reading experience that I’ve had? It actually brings me to the verge of tears and strikes a bit of terror in my heart. I have fallen in love with this book, so deeply, so truly, that the idea that it almost didn’t happen is deeply upsetting to me.

2) Then there is this rage at the fact that she could not find a publisher for this book. The only reason I can imagine for that is because of LGBT characters. I cannot fathom any other reason. Not even the size should have put someone off this book unless they were creatively stunted idiots who couldn’t figure out packaging issues.

3) Guys, it took her five years to write this book and she almost didn’t get it published, it almost didn’t see the light of day. My God, and yet she kept writing. How exhausting and disheartening that must have been. I kinda want to hold her and cry on her shoulder and tell her that I’m so happy she didn’t throw the book away, but I also can’t meet her because I’d do just that and that is weird.

Anyway, wow, I just had to quickly blog about my crazy emotional response to reading that part of the article. I know I am insane, but that’s part of the beauty of me.

THANK YOU to everyone who believed in The Rifter and didn’t let Ginn Hale give up on it. Thank you to Ginn Hale for taking five years to write it. Thank you to the creative brains that figured out packaging. Thank you to those of you who buy it, too, because this woman deserves money for her work and effort. Thank you for those who love it with me. Thank you, universe, for coming together to give me The Rifter.

Biting My Nails And, Oh, So Curious! Ginn Hale – The Rifter Series #fantasy #amreading

Biting My Nails And, Oh, So Curious! Ginn Hale – The Rifter Series #fantasy #amreading.

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Below is fanart for the series! There really needs to be more!

Kyle, as rendered by alirodina at deviant art.