Fan Vid: Fabulous Beekman Boys: Spying On Hope

So, I made this fanvid. It took around 9 months to make because I couldn’t find the source I wanted (and I never found the source I wanted), but mostly because Windows Movie Maker is the most hellish video making software ever. Let me assure you that this would be a better fan video if I didn’t have to listen to the song from the beginning every time I made a change or tweak, because otherwise the music didn’t line up. Truthfully, there are still many things I’d change about the final product, but I can’t hear the song again. Not for awhile, anyway. One day I might move on from the wretched, evil WMM and buy some proper video making software, but I’m not sure when I’ll do such a thing, since spending money on video making products isn’t really in my budget, especially when I do it so rarely and can’t ever seem to find source.

Wow. Don’t you want to watch this now? Hah. Anyway, it’s a fanvid about The Fabulous Beekman Boys.

Spying On Hope

And, no, I have no idea why it runs on for 2 minutes longer than the music. Uh, I’m pretty sure this is why I’m not a vidder. I’d be unwilling to put a story or book out in this shape, but when it comes to vids I’m all, “GOOD ENOUGH.” And done. 😛