“Beautiful book!” The River Leith is a September Top Read! #mmromance @DiverseReader

“I heard so many praises over The River Leith! I had it on my TBR list and was going to buy it when I WON IT! A signed copy from Leta Blake. I got it in the mail and devoured it! I couldn’t put it down. It was heartbreaking and glorious! All I kept think as I read this was, Love is felt more than it’s remembered. I don’t know what I’d do if I was Leith or Zach! But they figured it out. One knowing and remembering the other going strictly on his gut and his heart. Beautiful book! “

via StraightNotNarrow: We all have an opinion, here’s mine…: September Top Reads.



“When I finished this book I was sad it was over. I loved this couple and will miss them.” |The River Leith #gay #romance

“When I finished this book I was actually sad that it was over. I loved this couple and their journey and will miss them.”

via Amazon.com: A. Adams’ review of The River Leith.


“where the heck have you been, Amelia?” Making sexy books apparently! #gay #erotica @ACGormley

What has Amelia Gormley been up to this summer? Apparently being part of this military men box set!

“My story is titled The Houseboy: Initiation, and is nothing short of pure, unadulterated erotica. Seriously. There are a lot of stories where I go for “smut with substance” and there is a lot happening behind the sexytiems. This…is not one of those times. It’s Daddy kink. It’s BDSM. It’s age difference, virginity kink, gangbang, objectification, semi-public sex, exhibitionism, and God only knows what else. In many ways, it’s what Strain would have been without the angst and the fuck-or-die element driving the plot. If that sounds like your cuppa, I’ll be sharing an excerpt in my next post.”

via The summer in review or: “where the heck have you been, Amelia?” | The fiction of Amelia C. Gormley.

Click on through to read more of Amelia’s upcoming books, or click the photo above to go purchase this massive box set! Only 99 cents!

There’s plenty of butt sex! This is not an inspirational #Amish romance! #gay

“It seems that if you write a romance featuring Amish characters, it is automatically classified as “sweet” i.e. no sex and “inspirational” i.e. Christian. During the pre-order period on Amazon, A Forbidden Rumspringa has simultaneously ranked on these bestseller lists:

Books > Gay & Lesbian > Literature & Fiction > Erotica

Books > Christian Books & Bibles > Literature & Fiction > Romance > Amish

Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance >Inspirational > Amish

Er, that’s quite a combination, Amazon! For the record, A Forbidden Rumsprina is not sweet or inspirational. There is explicit sex, and while religion plays a major role in Isaac and David’s lives, this isn’t a Christian romance. I suppose I might be reaching a whole new audience thanks to Amazon’s algorithms, but I hope it won’t end in backlash from unsuspecting readers. I did add a note in the blurb that there’s copious butt fucking and no authorial bible thumping I might not have used those exact words, so we shall see. I’ve been fiddling with the keywords as well.”

read more about Keira Andrew’s new book and pre-order via This is not an inspirational #Amish romance.


“M/M romance fans won’t want to miss out on this one.” The Reading Room Blog: *Review* The River Leith by Leta Blake

“M/M romance fans won’t want to miss out on this one. Leith and Zach are two lovable heroes and their love story is one that I won’t forget any time soon.”

via The Reading Room Blog: *Review* The River Leith by Leta Blake.

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Looking for M/M Book Recommendations! Help a Girl Out! #wannabereading #reading

Book recommendations, por favor! What I’m looking for specifically includes any of the following:
1) Your absolute go-to m/m book.
2) Good effeminate character in a m/m book.
3) Favorite nerd/jock trope, yay!
4) Favorite comfort read.
5) Best m-preg because I’m a contrarian and when people hate something, I gotta have some of it.

Anything else you think I need to check out! I’ve got a ton of books on my e-reader right now, but for some reason none of them are really speaking to me. I need to spend some money. :P

Okay, I’ll wait here for you!!

Beautiful to a reader, better to a writer #amreading #alexjeffers @flickerjax

Leta Blake:

Pretty great write up of Ajax’s recent reading experience. Definitely sold me on the book!

Originally posted on Ajax Bell:

Miniature of Istanbul (Historical Peninsula)I few weeks ago I stumbled across Alex Jeffers’ Tattooed Love Boys in the Wilde Stories 2013collection. I love short stories and speculative fiction but I find often that I enjoy a story while reading it, but forget it not long after shutting the book. Tattooed Love Boys stuck with me. Sure, it was about tattoos, beautiful boys, angels (maybe), and gender switching, which are basically the things I love most. But the writing in this story set a mood and tone that was what made the story stick with me. It had a dreamy quality that made the reader, like the characters, not question the weirdness.

Immediately I went out and got Jeffers’ The Padishah’s Son and the Fox which is both delightful and disgusting. Telling an ‘erotic’ fairytale with all the gruesome darkness of true fairytales, with many unexpected turns the story left me completely satisfied as…

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