If you like Opera, and you read/speak Spanish! Then Opera en Español! #espanol #opera @AnniePearsonOK

So, my pal and her pal have put together this site for Spanish-speaking lovers of opera. Check it out! Click through to Opera en Español.

Kids come to school sick because we can’t stay home from work – by Darlena Cunha #sickdays #murica

Really liked this write up by Darlena Cunha. I’m lucky enough to be in a situation where I can stay home when I’m sick or stay with my child when she’s sick, but my husband is not in such a position. Despite having a backlog of unused sick days from his fifteen years at his job, he was written up last year for “excessive absences” after missing more than the allowed four days in a row with a really bad flu. This despite having literally a month or more of unused sick days available to him.

“As we come into flu season, and are all scared out of our minds about Ebola and enterovirus 68 and other infectious diseases hitting closer and closer to home, maybe we should take some responsibility for how we spread these viruses.Our social infrastructure needs to change as well. People cannot continue to have to choose between their job security, their school success and their health. People shouldn’t have to be scared to be sick.”

via Kids come to school sick because we can’t stay home from work – The Washington Post.

Unf! She nails it! This is what I loved, too! | Anne-Marie’s review of A Most Personal Property by @Darrah_Glass

“Darrah has captured very well how severely a boy can repress and fear his sexuality. It was heart breaking at times. Henry is a passionate, sensitive, giving boy who has a strong moral compass that none of his peers have. When he finally shows Martin his true self, it was such a victory over himself. A powerful, exhilirating scene, my instant favourite. Martin, I adore. He is an innocent, generous, loving soul. He is tremendously professional in his role as a companion and I was amazed by his composure every time Henry turned him away. Together, they are endearing.

The dynamic between a master and his slave fascinated me and there is much still to explore. There’s Martin’s servitude, who almost leaves himself out of the equation, and there’s fair-minded Henry, who can’t make himself order Martin around or abuse his right of power as so many of his peers do. There’s the longing to be equal, to be treated as a man instead of a master, a person instead of a slave, when none of that is acceptable in the outside world. And there’s a master expected to take a wife once he’s of age and a companion who can’t afford to get romantic feelings.

Reading this is like wrapping yourself up in a soft blanket, in front of a roaring fire with an amazing glass of wine and getting lost in another world for a while. I’m ready for that world to continue. Bring on book 2.”

via Goodreads | Anne-Marie Netherlands’s review of A Most Personal Property.

Unf. So good!

Unf. So good!

Why Do People Have Rape Fantasies?

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

Rape fantasies. Many of us have em, and don’t know what to think about them, though most of us probably think they are inappropriate. One article published in 2009 in the Journal of Sex Research found that 62% of women in the University of North Texas fantasized about rape, 91% of whom said those fantasies were entirely or somewhat “erotic.” (1) So what’s the deal? Rape is absolutely repulsive, so what about it in fantasy makes it so sexually charged?

Have you ever kissed someone and felt…well, nothing? That’s because it’s not our lips that makes us feel excited, it’s our brain. If we’re not attracted to someone, we can feel their lips touch ours — and YES there are receptors on our lips — but that doesn’t mean the sensation is going to transduce into the perception of excitement. But what about when we feel that…

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“Do you think it’s bad luck to talk about what sort of master we’d like?” A Superior Slave Excerpt #mmromance #amreading

A FREE prequel to the awesome Ganymede Quartet series!

A FREE prequel to the awesome Ganymede Quartet series!

Martin of House Ganymede, trained as a companion slave, is eager for a master of his own. Everything he’s done in his short life has been to prepare him for auction day, and now all that waits is to be chosen. In being sold, he’ll be separated from the boys he’s lived and trained with his entire life, and it’s possible he won’t see them ever again. Goodbyes are hurried and emotions are raw as the slaves go on display for prospective masters. Martin has ideas about what he’d like in a master, though of course he’ll have no say in who will buy him. When he meets tall, handsome Henry Blackwell, he’s found the one he wants, but does this shy master want him?

A Superior Slave is a prequel introducing the books of the Ganymede Quartet, a fantasy of Gilded Age New York in which young men from the richest families form intense bonds with the slaves who serve them.





Amazon (.99 — they haven’t price-matched despite efforts!)


Charlie, who was a notoriously fast eater, finished his sandwich and said, “Do you think it’s bad luck to talk about what sort of master we’d like?”

“Yes,” Noah said firmly.

“No,” Georgie said at the same time. “What do you want, Charlie?”

Charlie thought about it a moment. “I just hope he isn’t actually ugly. Hideous, I mean. It would be nice if he was handsome, but we’ve been warned so often that most masters aren’t that I’m pretty well reconciled to my master being homely.”

“I hope he’s clean,” Stuart said, making a face. “We all keep so clean for each other, but I don’t imagine free boys even think of such things.”

They all contemplated gamy cocks for a minute, noses wrinkled in distaste.

Georgie said, “I just hope he’s not a mean little bastard. I don’t want one who’ll be bossing me around for no other reason except he can.”

“Yes, I want a kind master,” Charlie agreed. “A nice boy, more or less. He doesn’t have to be an angel or anything, but a decent guy. That’s what I want.”

Noah cleared his throat self-consciously. “Not too fat.”

They all looked at him.

Noah blushed. “I don’t want some great huge boy squashing me,” he said, sounding somewhat defensive.

“Well, of course not.” Georgie put his hand on Noah’s arm and gave him a reassuring squeeze. “No one wants that.”

“In that case, you get on top and ride him,” Stuart pointed out. “Let him just relax and enjoy you, and no one gets squashed.”

“It would be nice if he wasn’t terrible at sex,” Charlie said. “I know I’ll have to teach him everything, but I hope he’ll learn. I hope he’ll listen to me.”

Martin thought the things his friends hoped for were very reasonable, very modest. He did not want to share his hopes because they were not reasonable at all. He wanted a handsome master, kind and affectionate, who’d touch him like a lover and treat him like a friend, and these wishes were desperately, unrealistically romantic. He’d been taught as much at Ganymede and it had been made very clear: his master would be an ordinary boy with an extraordinary bank account, and he would be under no obligation to think of his slave as a person.

40% Off For Leta Blake’s 40th Birthday! Get The River Leith and Training Season Now! #mmromance #gay

Leta Blake:

This opportunity ends on the 30th! Use the coupons while they’re good! :D Happy 40% off to you, happy 40th to me! :D

Originally posted on Leta Blake:

Leta is turning 40! In celebration, she’s offering 40% off her books The River Leith and Training Season over at Smashwords! Find the coupon codes below.


COUPON CODE AT SMASHWORDS! SG45C (not case-sensitive)

COUPON CODE AT SMASHWORDS! SG45C (not case-sensitive)

The coupon code for THE RIVER LEITHat Smashwords is SG45C (not case-sensitive).

The coupon code for Training Season at Smashwords is WR24Y (not case-sensitive).

COUPON CODE AT SMASHWORDS! WR24Y (not case-sensitive).

The coupon code for TRAINING SEASON at Smashwords is WR24Y (not case-sensitive).

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Writer Research Help: some words NOT in use in 1900 | @Darrah_Glass #slang

“With Ganymede Quartet, I tried to make all the things that weren’t slavery in the 20th century as historically accurate as possible, and that included the language I used. Here are some words that would have come in handy but were not appropriate for the time period.”

click through to Darrah’s site to find out what those words might be –> some words not in use in 1900 | Darrah Glass.


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