The final installment of the Wake Up Married serial is out of Kindle Unlimited and available at most retailers! If you’ve been waiting for this last Will & Patrick story, or if you’v been waiting to start until they were all out at your preferred retailer, now’s the time! Thank you to all the readers who have made this journey so fun!

“This is a series that will stick with me hundreds of books from now.” Ulysses, Prism Book Alliance

“I adore this series more than words can express. The writing is stellar and the storyline just keeps getting better and better.” Bayou Book Junkie Reviews

“Ms. Blake and Ms. Griffiths have crafted an endearing tale full of promise, humor, tension, drama, sadness, and forgiveness. An incredible read!” Alpha Book Club

“If you have not read these stories yet what are you waiting for?” Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews

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