Before the blog post proper, I’d like to say how excited I am to find that Keira’s and my book, Earthly Desires, is listed on the Ellora’s Cave site as “Coming Soon” and provides an excerpt for readers! So exciting!

“Would you read a book
if somebody took
out all the good pages?”

— Jay Brannan


As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been listening obsessively to Sinead O’Connor and Jay Brannan’s latest albums. I listen to one then the other, then back over them both again. This could be because I burned them to the same disc. But not necessarily, because there have been many times that I’ve burned a disc with two albums on it and it hasn’t worked out. The new Margot & the Nuclear So & Sos paired with Lana Del Rey for example. In that case, I listen to “Sea Chanty” by Margot and then skip straight to Lana every time. But, with Jay and Sinead, I listen to all of both of them, and the songs sometimes speak to each other.

I’d love to hear Jay cover Sinead — perhaps he has and I simply don’t know? Okay, from her latest album, what would I like to hear Jay cover? “Reason With Me” would be in his range, I think, and he’d be good at hitting the mournful, tender, solemn aspects of it. It might worry his mama, though. I mean, no one wants to hear their child singing, “Oh, so long I’ve been a junkie.” It kinda makes a mama want to sit them down and say, “Sweetheart, just what do you relate to in this song, exactly?” But given that he sings about looking for hay in stacks of hypodermics, she’s probably already had that conversation with him. Hmm, “Queen of Denmark” would be great, but that’s a cover, so he’d be covering a cover, and I’d be down with that. “Take Off Your Shoes” is a pretty great song, though I’m not sure about all the religious imagery. I think he could manage it, though. He used to sing Michael Chapman for heaven’s sake.


This guy is bald, too!

And wouldn’t it be awesome if Sinead O’Connor covered Jay Brannan? Which song from Rob Me Blind would be best for her to cover? “Everywhere There’s Statues”? “My Greatest Hits”? “LaLaLa”? “Myth of Happiness”? I’ve gotta admit, hearing Sinead O’Connor do “Bowlegged and Starving”, while not from Rob Me Blind, would be a major life highlight for me.

La la la. I should make a post about fantasy covers by various artists. That would be fun (for me)! Okay, enough of this rambling. 🙂

ETA: Well, fuck me, he’s covered her and fabulously. The universe has conspired to bring me joy.


Black Boys on Mopeds:

2 thoughts on “Took Out All The Good Pages

  1. Oh, definitely do! I love the new album like whoa. You can find most of the songs on YouTube if you want to sample it first. Check out The Wolf is Getting Married, Queen of Denmark, Old Lady, and Take Off Your Shoes.

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