First, I’d like to point you over to Joyfully Jay’s Review Blog where she gave Earthly Desires 4.25 our of 5 stars! I’m very pleased and proud that the first book in my series with Keira Andrews has received some very nice reviews. Pleased as punch, as my grandmother would’ve said!

 I found this an enjoyable and fun story. It was an unusual tale and I was drawn into the book immediately and it kept my attention throughout.  The characters are entertaining and endearing, especially Efrosin, and I got a few giggles along the way.  If you are looking for a light and fun read, and especially if you like unique fairy tales, I’d give this one a try.



Next, I’d like to talk about how I have strange (and admittedly controlling) rules about music. There are certain albums and songs which are only allowed to be played at certain times in my household. For example, the Mum album, Finally We Are No One must only be played in winter time, or else I will be displeased. (Which, for what it’s worth, just consists of me saying, “Are you really playing this in summer? Really? Can’t you tell that this is a winter-only album?”)

Last year, there was a new release that became an Autumn Only album in my mind, and my poor kiddo has suffered the last month of me saying, “No, honey, we can’t listen to that one because it isn’t fall yet.” Um, okay, I really do understand that is weird and I’m probably scaring the child for life, but, seriously, it is an Autumn Only album, okay? Ahem. And that album is awesome. It’s Night of Hunters and you can listen to two songs from it below.

Star Whisperer Short Film


Buy Night of Hunters

Now, I’m very excited because, as it turns out, Night of Hunters was such a fantastic album that Deutsche Grammophon has chosen to support the new album Gold Dust, which will be out in October, and, I feel quite sure, is going to be an Autumn/Winter Only album, too. I’m practically vibrating with excitement over it.

Here are two videos where you can hear some music from the upcoming Gold Dust. If you only watch one of these videos, make it the first one here, Flavor, because it is just a great video, with gorgeous NYC footage, and we all know how much I adore NYC, right? So much. It owns part of my heart.

Wait, wait, wait…guys, guys, this is terrible. I just went to find the link to the video and it’s been removed by the user that uploaded it. I’m so bummed. It was seriously just an amazingly gorgeous video and I fully intended to watch it twenty more times. Dang it. Oh, well, parts of it are featured in this video below:

Gold Dust Trailer

And you can read a review of the now erased, vanished, poofed, gone Flavor video HERE, because that will totally make up for not being able to see it, right? Boo.

Buy Gold Dust

Regardless, Gold Dust is sure to be something I’ll have to buy on vinyl to play on the good stereo, because it will, no doubt, be divine. Be sure to pre-order it and be ready to roll around in some Autumn Only joyful sounds as soon as it hits your doorstep.

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