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I so enjoyed the post I made a few weeks back about tattoos inspired by The Gaslight Anthem that I decided to look up tattoos inspired by other musicians I love. The first and foremost being Tori Amos of course.

So, I googled. And I was surprised by what I found. There are almost no images for Tori Amos tattoos, and the ones that I did find were, almost universally, of tattoos that made me want to cry for the person’s mother. (I almost never want to cry for the person who gets an ugly tattoo, but I do want to cry for their mothers because I know how much they loved and cherished that beautiful skin that is now forever marred by something hideous and often huge and sometimes on their face.) Anyway, the sole tattoo that I found which was inspired by Tori Amos that did not make me feel sad for her mama was this one:


But what makes this tattoo interesting, and may possibly also be the reason it’s pretty good, is that it was not designed by the tattooed individual, but was taken from art by David Mack created for the Tori Amos-inspired book Comic Book Tattoo . Given how many pieces of great art there are in that book, I’m surprised more people haven’t done tattoos based on it.

Images from Comic Book Tattoo:

Now that I think about it Comic Book Tattoo is actually one big Fanwork,and I should’ve probably brought it up on Fanwork Friday. But, whatever, here it is today. It features stories with art based on Tori Amos’ songs by various different artists and writers. So, for example, the tattoo above is from the story/art based on the Tori song “Flying Dutchman”:

If anyone knows of any Tori inspired tattoos that are gorgeous and won’t make me feel sad for the person’s mommy, please hook me up! In the meantime, check out the Comic Book Tattoo book and Tori Amos in general.


Following is a list of all artists/writers whose work appears in Comic Book Tattoo:

David Mack, Josh Hechinger, Matthew Humphreys, Jonathan Tsuei, Eric Canete, Jason Horn, Dean Trippe, Sara Ryan, Jonathan Case, Rantz A. Hoseley, James Stokoe, Tristan Crane, Atticus Wolrab, Kako, Nikki Cook, Drew Bell, Kevin Mellon, Jeff Carroll, Mike May, Jeremy Haun, Amber Stone, Leif Jones, Elizabeth Genco, Carla Speed Mcneil, Kelly Sue Deconnick, Andy Macdonald, Nick Filardi, Cat Mihos, Andre Szymanowicz, Gabe Bautista, C.B. Cebulksi, Ethan Young, Joey Weltjens & Lee Duhig, Omaha Perez, Irma Page, Mark Buckingham, Rantz A. Hoseley, Ming Doyle, Mike Maihack, John Ney Reiber, Ryan Kelly, Alice Hunt, Trudy Cooper, Jonathan Hickman, Matthew S. Armstrong, Neil Kleid, Christopher Mitten, Kristyn Ferretti, Stephanie Leong, Sonia Leong, Peov, Kelly Sue Deconnick, Laurenn Mccubbin, John Bivens, Hope Larson, Emma Vieceli, Faye Yong, Chris Arrant, Star St.Germain, Mike Dringenberg, Paul Maybury, Jim Bricker, Craig Taillefer, Dame Darcy, G. Willow Wilson, Steve Sampson, Neal Shaffer, Daniel Krall, Adisakdi Tantimedh, Ken Meyer Jr., Mark Sable, Salgood Sam, Tom Williams, James Owen, Seth Peck, Daniel Heard, Ivan Brandon, Callum Alexander Watt, Leah Moore, John Reppion, Pia Guerra, Mark Sweeney, Kristyn Ferretti, Jessica Staley, Shane White, Ted Mckeever, Chris Chuckry, Jimmie Robinson, Lea Hernandez Derek Mcculloch, Colleen Doran and Jason Hanley.

6 thoughts on “They Say Your Brain Is A Comic Book Tattoo

    1. Tattoos are interesting to me though I don’t have any. I’ve never found anything that I can be absolutely certain I will want on my body for the rest of my life. I think they can be really beautiful, though, and I admire good ones on other people. Bad ones, though, make me so sad for their mamas–or in your case, their papas. 🙂

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