I go back and forth between understanding that having two names is a kind of ‘branding’ so readers of m/m know what they are getting, to being offended that m/m romance is pulled out and set aside as something ‘other’, like it is somehow in need of being a separate thing, because human beings falling in love is not what folks are after. They’re after genitalia. I don’t know. It confuses me. Good post by Kathleen Tudor/DK Jernigan.

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There’s a lot of “theys” out there, and “they” have a lot to say about writing erotic fiction. Only write what you know, don’t try to write from the POV of the opposite gender, stick to things you’ve experienced… but should we listen? The truth of erotica, and especially of romance, is that the parts are only a small fraction of what I, as a writer, need to convey. Erotic romance isn’t just about how two bodies slot together biologically. It’s about the meeting of two hearts, and that is something that transcends gender.

That said, there’s something a little confusing about picking up a book by an author and having literally no idea what you’re going to get. I’ve written it all, from straight sex to lesbian love to gay guys getting it on. (I’m also a master of alliteration!) So how do you know, when you see my…

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