Twelve Dancing Princesses inspired nails by fishing4beauty.

I love how many people are inspired in so many different ways by fairy tales. This could probably be a Fanworks Friday installment, but I decided to put it up separately.

From fishing4beauty’s website:

This challenge was basically to recreate a manicure of another participant. This was such a difficult challenge. The manicures were all so amazing and well executed that I was intimidated to recreate any of them. However, when I saw the manicure created for Day 4 (Lights, Camera, Action!) by The Polished Squirrel I new that this was the one I wanted to attempt. Stephanie was inspired by the classic fairy tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

The trees of silver, gold, and diamond are definitely one of my favorite aspects of the tale, so Keira and I kept that part of the story true to form in our retelling, Love’s Nest, despite the many other changes we made to the book.

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